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Thread: IDE for Sencha Touch

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    Default IDE for Sencha Touch

    I may be being completely stupid here but I can not find an IDE to use with Sencha Touch, please can someone enlighten me to what is available.
    Preferably I would be looking for a plugin for Eclipse.


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    I use Aptana. What particular features are you looking for?
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    Basically syntax verification and IntelliSense, I have the Aptana plugin for Ecplise but can't see the option for Sensa Touch in the menu of add ons I can install, or do I just use Ext JS Library?

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    I use netBeans 6.9 for almost all my development needs. Works great with any kind of JavaScript lib the editor provides code completion out of the box.

    see for more info....

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    I've been using WebStorm lately, I love it. I used to use Aptana a lot, but I found it clunky at times and the documentation not so great. So far WebStorm is a bit more reliable, has well-documented keyboard shortcuts and a pretty intuitive UI. It's not free though, but definitely worth $39.
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    Question I am a STARTER need a teacher here

    Hey Guys..

    I am willing to learn Sencha touch Mobile JavaScript Framework FROM THE SCRATCH

    As I am totally Noob at this, I need you guys suggestion on following

    1) What all are requirement for setting up a Dev environment (like IDEs , libraries etc)
    2) How to link up those libraries (if any) to the dev setup made
    3) recommended website links where i can get that
    4) Any sample code from your side illustrating the basic implementation of the framework....this would be really precious

    For Your Info: I have worked on IDEs like Eclipse and Netbeans...and also have knowledge of Java related frameworks like struts and have also worked on Javascript.

    I might sound like a total NOOB...which I really Am...and determined to learn it all by myself as I b'liv everything is available on net , along with expert advisers like some of you

    thanks a lot in advance...aw8in ur response


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    hmmm, maybe this first:

    1. open google
    2. enter "sencha touch getting started"
    3. click on the first result
    4. read



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    Exclamation well, that's done already

    Hey there.... Appreciate your concern, frankly it wasn't so helpful as it's obviously what every starter does

    Might be you assumed I don't know using Google :P :P

    Anyways.... I was expecting someone to share their startup experience. Like - the IDE that can be used and from where it can be downloaded,the hiccups they faced before running the first application successfully. Of course we can get everything from Google search, I believe personal advice would be better in -time saving and specificity

    Thanks again for interacting. awaiting response


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    sorry this didn't help that much. I'll put my point of view in other words: just give it a try. With any Editor or IDE that is javascript aware and that you already know. Using any 'Hello World' or 'Contact' app on the net.

    and always keep an eye on the javascript console, it's your first helper ;-)


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    I use WebStorm IDE from Jetbrains for my js. It's not at the same level as Visual Studio for my C# stuff with regards to code complete etc, but it makes a good effort. Definitely better than a text editor for sure, so I'd recommend that.

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