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    I have an overlay whose only item is a video. On my main panel I have a toolbar with a button that displays the overlay and the video just fine and it automatically hides when I touch anywhere outside of the overlay as it should.

    My oddity is this:

    When I change the orientation of my iPad the video shows up inside the toolbar sans overlay but only if the overlay has been shown at least once. If I press the button to display the overlay the video shows correctly and disappears from the toolbar. Very strange.

    Is there something else I should be doing to the video/overlay so this anomaly doesn't occur?

    Thanks as always for all of your help!


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    Would it be possible to provide some source coe? I haven't tried putting a video in an overlay yet, so it would be very helpful if I could start of by trying out your source code.

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    Sure. What is the best way to do that and do you want the video? When I try to use the upload manager it doesn't seem to work. The zip file is 1.6 MB with the video.


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