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Thread: Future direction of Sencha/Ext JS

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    Default Future direction of Sencha/Ext JS

    Hi Guys,

    We have a potential client that wants us to develop a web app primarily for use on an iPad. We've used Ext JS in the past and we're seriously considering using Sencha in the future but before we put our weight behind a technology it's important for us to know what the future plans are etc.

    To that end I was wondering if it would be possible to know a little bit more about the company and what resources will be put into Sencha?

    Is there a large team working on Sencha or is it just a side project? Will there be new controls/supported browsers/new developments on a regular basis or is it just an experiment? Is Sencha the work of a new team or is it being done by Ext developers (if so, will development on Ext stop/slow down)?

    Sorry, lots of questions I know but we really don't want to adopt a technology that stays in Beta for ages and isn't supported in the future.


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    Just giving this a quick bump.

    I'm not sure whether nobody from Sencha has read this or whether they're just reticent to answer the question?

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    I also wonder future direction and jonhobbs' questions

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    If they have renamed their website and products "sencha" it's not to let this down...
    Mobile web sites are a huge and growing market, and sencha is the best solution at the moment, they are way ahead of concurrents.
    I'm sure that they'd like to keep it that way

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    Touch definitely isn't a side project, we intend to continue developing it along with our other projects. Touch and Ext share some common elements that are shared for both code bases, so the development for Ext can benefit Touch and also vice versa.
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    @jonhobbs -- + 1 to evan's response. We have a dedicated team on Sencha Touch - it's most definitely not a side project, it's a main project right up there with Designer, Ext JS & Ext GWT.

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