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Thread: [CLOSED] Model instance get's parent Store as object after inserting

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    Exclamation [CLOSED] Model instance get's parent Store as object after inserting

    Setting up a simple Store, creating a Model instance and than inserting that instance to the Store:

    		this.state.bookActiveChapters = new{
    			autoLoad: false,
    			model: 'chapter',
    			storeId: 'activeChapters',
    		var emptyChapter = Ext.ModelMgr.create({
    			"id": "emptyChapter",
    			"next": 'none',
    			"prev": 'none',
    			"title": "No chapters loaded...",
    			"content": "Load chapters first."
    		}, 'book');
    		this.state.bookActiveChapters.insert(0, emptyChapter);
    Results in a Model with the parent Store inside it...
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    @ jeroenvduffelen --

    What you are seeing in the debugger is a simple reference to the owning store created when the Model instance is inserted into the store.

    It is not a copy of the store, but a simple reference.
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