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    I've never used Ext.js and have no experience with OO Javascript.
    But I would REALLY love to use Sencha Touch for this interface, but have no idea how to start with this.
    I know if I could get a little jumpstart, I'm sure I could figure out the rest through the api documentation.

    I'm looking to make this kind of interface:

    The portrait/landscape layout switching is probably something I have to do with CSS3 media queries, and viewport width=device-width?

    Thanks for any help!

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    The place to start is at the beginning. Find a book or tutorial on OO javascript and read until yours eyes turn red. Then start looking at the Ext and Touch APIs. Then look at the example code. Repeat.

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    I agree, it would definitely help a lot to understand some of the basic principles of OO javascript. Dustin Diaz has written a good book on that if I remember correctly.

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