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    Default Pinch to Zoom

    Hi folks

    I'm wanting to implement pinch to zoom using Sencha Touch.

    As an example, if you take the Solitaire demo app and imagine that the user can pinch to zoom in or out on the board, and then swipe to move around it vertically and horizontally. Any initial hints as to how would you do that?

    The simplest goal is that the elements scale up/down as the user pinches either way. Taking the idea a step further, I'd like my view to update itself to show more details depending on how zoomed in you are.

    My starting point is to play with the CSS scale factor, but any pointers welcome.

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    Yeah, the CSS scale property is the first thing that comes to mind.

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    Tommy, is there a way to reenable the native browser pinch zoom behavior for certain aspects of the app, such as a card that displays an article, without faking it via CSS?

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    I'd like to achieve the same feature: is there a way to easly implement a pinch to zoom ( let's say a Panel with text)?

    The best would be to get back the native browser behaviour.


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