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    hi i have read that ext.ajax is a singleton. how i can make 2 different requests for example a get on servlet1 and a post on servlet2?

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    The important part in the docs is:

    This class is a singleton and cannot be created directly.

    You can make multiple requests, you just don't create an instance of Ext.Ajax - there is one already - and if there is anything particular (i.e., non-common properties) about the request, you just change them in the request function's options parameter.

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    thanks for the answer, but i don't understand all. my script is this at the beginning make a get request and servlet return a page with some links and when i click on a link i want make other request to get me the documet in the link. how i can do it?

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    There are many ways to do it..

    A couple of methods..

    1) You add onclick events to the links on the fly when you get the response.

    2) Add inline javascript to links calling a specific function which makes the request

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    thanks i will try

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