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Thread: Sencha Touch Releases & Notes (1.0RC)

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    Default Sencha Touch Releases & Notes (1.0RC)

    Release Notes for Sencha Touch 1.0RC

    Release Notes: November 8, 2010
    Version Number: 1.0RC
    Download: here
    Release Notes

    Release Notes for Sencha Touch 0.99

    Release Notes: November 3, 2010
    Version Number: 0.99
    Download: here

    Sencha Touch 0.99 has massively improved form and scroller support for all Android devices, as well as a number of bug fixes for all platforms.

    With our first Release Candidate imminent, Sencha Touch 0.99 contains a number of API changes intended to make the API clearer and more consistent. We expect this to be the only time we undertake changes of this magnitude and have tried to make this as painless as possible by taking the following steps:
    • Logging a warning to the console when your application uses a deprecated API
    • Causing the old API function to call the new one so that you can gradually update your application

    Version 1.0 of Sencha Touch will ship without the fallbacks to new functions. Here are the API changes made in this release:
    API Changes
    • Tree/Node: renamed nodeParameter to nodeParam renamed item() to getChildAt() renamed cascade() to cascadeBy()
    • Layout:
      Ext.layout.*: renamed extraCls to itemCls
    • Forms:
      Ext.form.Field: renamed hasFocus to isFocused
      Ext.form.SpinnerField: renamed accelerate to accelerateOnTapHold
      Ext.form.Slider: removed the 'values' configuration - use 'value' instead
      Ext.form.FormPanel: renamed updateModel() to updateRecord()
      Ext.form.Field: renamed fieldClass to fieldCls
      Ext.form.Field: renamed focusClass to focusCls
    • MixedCollection
      Renamed find() to findBy()
      Renamed item() to get()
      Renamed itemAt() to getAt()
      Renamed key() to getByValue()
      Renamed keySort() to sortByKey()
      Renamed removeKey() to removeByKey()
    • GeoLocation
      Renamed enableHighAccuracy to allowHighAccuracy
      Renamed setEnableHighAccuracy() to setForceHighAccuracy()
      Moved the hasGeoLocation flag to Ext.supports.GeoLocation
    • Data renamed markDirty() to setDirty() removed unused defaultProxyType configuration renamed defaultReaderType to reader renamed defaultWriterType to writer renamed markStarted() to setStarted() renamed markCompleted() to setCompleted() renamed markSuccessful() to setSuccessful() renamed markException() to setException()
    • All Components
      Ext.Component: renamed cmpCls to componentCls
      Ext.Component: renamed disabledClass to disabledCls
      Ext.Component: renamed addClass() to addCls()
      Ext.Component: renamed removeClass() to removeCls()
    • General
      Ext.DataView: renamed forceSelection to allowDeselect
      Ext.NestedList: renamed clearSelectionDefer to clearSelectionDelay
      Ext.TabBar: renamed tabBarPosition to tabBarDock
      Ext.Anim: renamed ellapsedTime to elapsedTime
      Ext.Container: renamed setCard() to setActiveItem()
      Ext.util.Filter: renamed 'filter' config to 'filterFn'
      Ext.util.Errors: renamed forField() to getByField()
      Ext.util.Observable: renamed purgeListeners() to clearListeners()
      Ext.util.Observable: renamed purgeManagedListeners() to clearManagedListeners()

    New In This Release
    • Data Added isLoading() function
      Each Store's filters are now a MixedCollection
      Each Store's sorters are now a MixedCollection
    • All Components
      All Components: added isDraggable() function
      All Components: added isDroppable() function
      All Components: added isFloating() function
      All Components: added isHidden() function
    • General
      Ext.util.Sortable: added isSorting() function

    Known Issues
    • TouchSolitaire demo still temporarily removed due to significant refactoring
    • Ext.DataView: emptyText appears while the Store is loading under some circumstances
    • Kitchen Sink: Editing a leaf on the Nested List example does not hide the keyboard when tapping the 'Change' button (iOS only)
    • Ext.form.FormPanel: getValues does not correctly return radio button values
    • Imperfect styling when using a fieldset where the first or last item is a checkbox
    • iPhone only - some fields have a rendering glitch on the right hand side when disabled
    • Odd behavior when scrolling diagonally in a Carousel. Sometimes the cards can become misaligned if scrolling up/down at the same time as scrolling left/right

    Release Notes for Sencha Touch 0.98

    Release Notes: October 27, 2010
    Version Number: 0.98
    Download: here

    New In This Release

    • A completely revamped Scroller:
      Best performance ever seen across all iOS and Android devices
      'scroll' event now always fires even during momentum animation
      Fast and consistent scrollTo / snapping animation as seen in Picker
      Fully independent and customizable animation algorithms
    • Improved form fields:
      Better focusing, fields inside a scroller should now be adjusted automatically to be within the viewable area
      Tapping on labels no longer triggers focus events on the inputs to prevent common accidental scenarios
      Checkboxes and radios will now respond instantly on tap instead of relying on the infamous delayed click event on mobile Webkit
    • Improved Slider responsiveness with better sliding animation
    • Touching on a letter on list's IndexBar should now make the list scroll to the coresponding group instantly without requiring a touchmove
    • Draggable revert animation should now work consistently on Android as well
    • Kiva example updated to use best practices for application structure
    • Twitter example updated to use best practices for application structure
    • Twitter example now features swipe-to-delete
    • New Model instances no longer marked dirty incorrectly (bug #114)
    • instances are correctly marked successful after loading (bug #361)
    • Added validation and error classes to the build (bugs #420, #435 and #438)
    • Added simple Store paging functions - loadPage, nextPage and previousPage
    • AJAX requests no longer require json data to be in array format to correctly set the Content-type header (bug #390)
    • General improvements to data package documentation

    Known Issues
    • Nested scrolling i.e a scroller inside a carousel does not lock the directions at the moment. This will be fixed in the next release.
    • Form fields currently don't blur when tapping outside of them.
    • Scrolling a form with focused fields does not bring together the cursor.

    Release Notes for Sencha Touch 0.97

    Release Notes: October 13, 2010
    Version Number: 0.97
    Download: here

    New In This Release

    • Improved layouts. Requires developer to do much less doComponentLayouts
    • Improved forms and handling of the virtual keyboard
    • Added styles for form elements in toolbars
    • Readers can now read deeply-nested data structures - see Store and Reader API docs for examples
    • Changed the look of tabs
    • Added a new singletap event. Only fires once per 400ms
    • Added 300+ icons! (Pictos)
    • Added Apple and Android themes
    • Fixed forward tip on Android
    • New SASS variables for extra optimization
    • Fixed many bugs

    Known Issues
    • Form entry on Android does not operate correctly. Element positions are not reported correctly back to the OS and leads to unexpected behaviors.

    Release Notes for Sencha Touch 0.96

    Release Notes: September 30, 2010
    Version Number: 0.96
    Download: here

    New In This Release

    • Rewrote Gesture Management
    • Ext.MessageBox fixed
    • Destroyed Components no longer considered visible
    • Added a DatePickerField
    • TextAreas now have a disabled style
    • Added a (x) to clear input text
    • Multiple issues resolved
    • Refactored SASS
    • Moved native prototype methods (date, function, string and number) into util classes
    • Deprecated DataPanel. Please make sure you are not using this class directly as it will be removed from RC1
    • DataView will extend Component instead of Panel in RC1. This means you shouldn't be docking items in DataViews and Lists. Instead put them in a Panel with layout 'fit'

    Release Notes for Sencha Touch 0.95

    Release Notes: September 14, 2010
    Version Number: 0.95
    Download: here

    New In This Release
    This release focused on refactoring sass, layouts and our component lifecycle.
    • Overlay Picker for iPad
    • Allow inserting of cards at any index within a TabPanel
    • All components have been updated to show disabled status visually and prevent interactivity
    • Buttons now support icons, iconAlignment and iconMasking - removed ui: 'mask' in favor of iconMask
    • Add in title support for the new Pickers
    • Add a stopMaskTapEvent configuration and default it to true
    • Added a lot of Component documentation
    • Fix small bugs with GeoCongress and Kiva examples
    • Change some of the ui CSS configurations
    • Implement prependText for Select

    New Known Issues
    • Forward Button has visual artificats in Android 2.2

    Release Notes for Sencha Touch 0.94

    Release Notes: September 8, 2010
    Version Number: 0.94
    Download: here

    New In This Release
    This release focused on refactoring sass, layouts and our component lifecycle.
    • Disabled Animations on Android for a better user experience.
    • Sheet Component: Pulls up a sheet from a screen edge, mostly used for buttons. In the future, this will create an overlay on tablets.
    • Refactored Picker: Bug fixes, is now a Sheet, more consistent UI. (added demo to Kitchen Sink > UI > Forms > Rank).
    • Date Picker now available.
    • Refactored Select: Select elements all use the Picker, which fixes Android Selects.
    • Refactored Map: Lots of bug fixes and better GMaps integration, more event callbacks.
    • New Store type: TreeStore with hierarchal store support.
    • Refactored Nested List: Binds to TreeStore, templates per level, option to use titles as the 'back' button text, and more.
    • Implemented address bar hiding.
    • Large SASS refactoring, including many style bugfixes and smaller toolbars in general. Sencha Touch can now be loaded as a Compass framework. This refactoring is still underway, we will provide full docs as its finished.
    • New button styles: small UI.
    • Resized icons for Retina Display. Added sort, arrow, and star toolbar icons.
    • New and for advanced UA and feature detection.
    • Panels no longer require a height now (will default to content height).
    • Added HTML5 input config options.
    • Fixed convert in Data.

    Known Issues & Recommendations
    • YQL Flickr example is not returning any data.
    • Picker needs a showBy function.

    Release Notes for Sencha Touch 0.93

    Release Notes: August 2, 2010
    Version Number: 0.93
    Download: here

    New In This Release
    This release focused on bug-fixes, XML, forms and the Carousel.
    • Fixed over 50 reported bugs.
    • Carousel got major overhaul. Inserting and removing cards now doesn't cause a flicker. Carousel now prepared for future functionality like dynamic loading and wrapping. setCard on a Carousel can now also accept custom animations.
    • Improved CardLayout. Now more stable and consistent.
    • Added more functionality to Form Fields (like autoCorrect, autoCapitalize and more).
    • Added a new example that shows of XML reader and binding a store to a Carousel.
    • Fixed Sortable.
    • Performance improvements with Touch events and Scroller.
    • Added lots of documentation.

    Known Issues & Recommendations
    • Reported bugs on forum that are tagged [OPEN]
    • Picker needs more stability.
    • Select boxes on Android are broken.
    • The API for Sortable will change before release. If you are using this API heavily, you should anticipate that your code will break with each beta update.
    • Nested Lists are not based on the List component in beta, but will be for final Release.
    • The Maps and Carousel components both respond to swipe events resulting in a carousel transition and a map drag at the same time. These will be disambiguated in the final release.
    • While HTML5 video and audio operate correctly in basic use, when HTML5 video is combined with touch events or transitions, there is a likelihood of browser crashes. These are known WebKit issues.
    • The video component on Android works correctly only with Google sourced videos (YouTube etc.). This appears to be an issue with Android video decoding.
    • Please be aware that HTML5 audio and video tags should be explicitly tested before deployment since there are issues with cross-platform codec operation
    • Maps have occasional rendering issues.
    • Android occasionally drops the initial drag event for draggable components.
    • Fields in toolbar require restyling.

    Release Notes for Sencha Touch 0.92

    Release Notes: July 26, 2010
    Version Number: 0.92
    Download: here

    New In This Release
    This release focused on List, DataPanel, Carousel, layouts and general bug-fixing.
    • Added a commercial beta license which will expire 30 days after the 1.0 final release. Check the license in the SDK for further details.
    • Improved DataPanel. We now have the ability to render components into DataPanels. An example of this is to render an Edit button into a List item. This will allow for many of the requested features on the forums to be implemented more easily. This is also the foundation for List and upcoming NestedList improvements.
    • Refactored the List. The performance of the pinned headers has drastically improved. Added a disclosure configuration option that renders a disclosure button into each list item.
    • Added localization support to the library.
    • Added a lot of functionality to Forms. FormPanel now has a submit() method, Select components can be bound to stores, and added support for more HTML5 properties like autoCapitalize. Minor updates to most field types.
    • Android forms now work better. Select boxes on Android are still broken.
    • Include a new cross-platform JSBuilder that will allow the developer to create a custom build of the library. This can help reduce the file size of the library drastically.
    • Fixed several reported bugs.

    Release Notes for Sencha Touch 0.91

    Release Notes: June 30, 2010
    Version Number: 0.91
    Download: here

    New In This Release
    This release focused on refactoring, simplifying and bug-fixing.
    We have managed to fix many bugs thanks to the feedback and reports on our forums and would like to thank everyone for their comments.
    • Refactored the Scroller. Now implements actual physics for momentum and bouncing. Improved performance. Also supports direction: 'both'.
    • Improved Carousel. Because of the new Scroller we were able to improve upon our Carousel implementation. It now supports direction: 'horizontal' as well as 'vertical'. Also bouncing on the first and last item in the carousel now behaves correctly.
    • Headers in a grouped List component now scroll along even during the deceleration.
    • Stabilized the Data Package. Added easier ways to define proxies and readers.
    • Improved and expanded current docs, and added missing docs.
    • Made many adjustments and improvements to the other Components.
    • Fixed over 40 reported bugs.

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    Version 0.93 released on August 2.

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    Verison 0.95 released on September 14.

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    Version 0.96 released on September 30.

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    Version 0.97 released on October 13.

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    Version 0.98 released on October 27.

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    Version 0.99 released on November 3.

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    Version 1.0RC released on November 8.

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