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Thread: RemoteSort in Ext.Grid does not post, why?

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    Default RemoteSort in Ext.Grid does not post, why?

    I have this code on a test page with Ext.Grid and PagingBar:

    Code: = new ({
    	        id: 'testStore',
    			url: 'grid.php',
    			root: 'rows',
    			sortInfo: {
    				field: 'rownum',
    				direction: 'ASC' 
    			fields: ['id', 'name'],
    			remoteSort: true
    		this.pbar = new Ext.PagingToolbar ({
    			id: 'pbar',
    			pageSize: 5,
    			displayInfo: true,
    			displayMsg: 'Displaying {0} - {1} of {2}',
    			emptyMsg: 'Nothing to display'
    		this.container ='body').createChild();
    		this.gridPanel = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
    			id: 'gridTest',
    			stripeRows: true,
    			remoteSort: true,
    			columns: [
    					id: 'id',
    					header: 'ID',
    					sortable: true
    					id: 'name',
    					header: 'Name',
    					sortable: true
    			autoExpandColumn: 'name',
    			bbar: this.pbar
    		this.mainPanel = new Ext.Panel({
    			renderTo: 	this.container,
    			title : 'TabPanel container',
    			height: 400,
    			width: 400,
    			items: [this.gridPanel]

    The JSON-Structure beeing returned looks something like:
    After I added 'sortable: true' the columns are sortable but the 'store' doesn't post anything on sort. What am I missing? Any tips?

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    Did you process the sort on the server? You did specify remoteSort: true.

    start, limit, sort, dir need to be processed.

    You are also missing a totalProperty parameter, which provides the paging mechanism, but your result doesn't contain any total result, which is NOT the number of results returned.

    Taking your results for example. If that was the total number of records in your database.
    Requesting {"sort":"name","dir":"DESC","start":2,"limit":2}
    Your return should be:
    // specifying totalProperty as "total" in JsonReader.
    {"total": 7,"rows":[{"id":7, "name":"Largo"},{"id":2,"name":"Karthago"}]}

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