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Thread: Drag and drop data between child and the parent window

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    Default Drag and drop data between child and the parent window

    I have a child window which has a grid A. The values in the grid A needs to be dragged in to the parent window grid B. I can able to drag data in child window using below code

    var grid = new Ext.Panel({
    		renderTo: 'main',
    		id: 'dplMainPanel',
    		title: 'Users',
    		iconCls: 'formIcon',
    			xtype: 'editorgrid',
    			id: 'dplGrid',
    			store: store,
    			cm: columns,
    	                width: 400,
    	                height: 410,
    	                frame: true,
    	                clicksToEdit: 1,
    	                listeners: {
                	               render: function(){
    function initializeDragZone(v) {
    	v.dragZone = new Ext.dd.DragZone(v.getEl(), {
            getDragData: function(e) {
                var sourceEl = e.getTarget(v.itemSelector, 10);
                if (sourceEl) {
                    d = sourceEl.cloneNode(true);
                    return v.dragData = {
                        sourceEl: sourceEl,:
                        ddel: d,
                        fieldData: v.getRecord(sourceEl).data
            getRepairXY: function() {
                return this.dragData.repairXY;
    And have interaction with the parent window as below

        var pExt = opener.Ext;
        var pBody = opener.document.body;
        var ddm = Ext.dd.DragDropMgr;
        pExt.EventManager.on(pBody, 'mousemove',ddMouseMove, ddm, true);
        pExt.EventManager.on(pBody, 'mouseup',ddMouseUp, ddm, true);
    I dont know how to make drag element to fly inside parent window on mouse move (means inside ddMouseMove function) and to drop the element value in to the grid in parent window on mouse up (means inside ddMouseUp function).

    Please some one help me.

    Thanks a Ton in advance,

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    Please some one suggest me on how to achieve drag and drop between window and the pop up wndow

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    I am trying to implement drag and drop from parent to child iframe. I am able to drop the items on a div if the iframe is removed. But the "notifyDrop()" is not called when I introduce the iframe into the div. Very few information is available on this on the internet, can anybody suggest me how to implement this?


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    Can you share your code??

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    I followed the site : Example: Drag from tree to div

    But in the drop-target div, I have some other page embeded using <iframe>, which is creating the problem.
    Any suggestion is welcome.


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