I am building an app that has a multi-page wizard. The first page of the wizard is a border layout, west containing a tree that is loaded from a remote server (XML), and the center panel is initially blank.

The user will navigate through the tree to find a specific leaf, and upon clicking the leaf, the center panel should be updated to contain a dynamic list of radio buttons. The selected leaf contains a URI which, when executed against the server, returns an XML document containing the radio button text and id's. If the user navigates to another leaf in the tree and clicks it, the center panel will be updated with a new list of radio buttons. Once the user has selected a radio button and clicked the >>Next button, the next content for the remaining wizard pages will be fetched.

I experimented with the XmlStore object and have successfully been able to load it, but because it is asynchronous, I can't figure out how to pipe the store object into a template to make the radio button list appear.

What's the best way to do this?