Hi guys,
are several days that I bang my head on walls for the following problem:
I have a FormPanel that submit a login and receive a response that I handle.... Well... when I use local-domain url ( url:'login.cgi' or url:'http://localhost/login.cgi') all works fine, but when I try to use my own-written standalone webserver (url:'http://localhost:9000/myjsonservice') I encounter some problems:

  1. Server Response : ERROR 400 BAD REQUEST, I think because Firefox transforms the keyword METHOD in OPTIONS. I worked around this using:
    Ext.lib.Ajax.useDefaultXhrHeader = false;
    ( this is the right method?)
  2. The best problem : I receive a correct http header response from the server but no content (expected content :
    {success: true}
    ). firebug_crossdomain.gif
    Obviously if I get http://localhost:9000/myjsonservice via address bar in firefox, I receive a complete http response with the correct Json code content.

What I have to do to solve my troubles ???? Then, why Ext interprets a local address with different port number like a cross domain address ???

I'll appreciate any kind of suggestion (or solutions.. why not!) [IMG]file:///home/hannibal/Scrivania/Schermata-3.png[/IMG]