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  1. [2.1.3] Unable to use html entities in validaton error text of Fields

    - 2.1.3
    - Host mode and web mode
    - Firefox 3.6.8 / IE7
    - Operating System MS WinXP Pro SP3

    When using a customized invalid-text on Fields, it is not possible to use html entities (like ü ,...
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    Um ... where do you do YA.set("log-scale",...

    Um ... where do you do
    YA.set("log-scale", true); ?
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    Logarithmic chart scale

    This is not a question!
    Just for anyone else who is or was trying to have a logarithmic scale in charts:
    (Since I couldn't find it on the web at first, I'm sorry if I've overseen it here!)
  4. Edit: My bad, all fine

    Edit: My bad, all fine
  5. Me neither, seems to work.

    Me neither, seems to work.
  6. [FIXED] [2.0.1] Drag and Drop - X to TreePanel

    - Detailed description of the problem
    Dropping two or more items on an expanded TreePanel causes an exception and the dropped items disappear. Items in later expanded Nodes aren't shown either, nor...
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