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  1. Ext JS 6 - Classic - - callback

    I had a similar issue when using method.

    I attempted the following two methods which didn't work:

    1st approach:
    var callback = function() {
    console.log('Window has been...
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    Ext JS 6 - Classic - Binding checkbox within checkbox group to record via viewModel

    I had a similar issue trying to bind boolean value from a record to a number of checkboxes which were part of a checkbox group config. I was struggling to directly bind the checkboxes to the record...
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    Ext JS 6 Classic - Store model was nested data structure including arrays

    The type: 'auto' for an array and adding the mapping field for a nested json structure with arrays worked brilliantly for me.
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    Ext JS 6 Classic. Unable to get store data even though data exists

    I had the exact same issue that after store.load() when I console.log( I can see the item that I need but when I console.log( it returned item[0] i.e empty array. I tried...
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    Scroll for list in tab panel - Ext JS 6 - Modern

    I had a very similar issue where I had a tab panel with an item which was a panel and within the panel I had a list. I was unable to scroll the list no matter which component I applied the scroll to....
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    DatePickerField yearFrom and yearTo - Ext JS 6 - Modern

    I was experiencing the same issue, in that my default yearFrom was appearing as 1980. I tried to include the yearFrom and yearTo param in the datapickerfield config but it didn't alter anything. I...
  7. Ext JS 6 - Modern - iOS background not displaying

    Thank you for the suggestion to use Safari and its Dev tools to trouble shoot iOS Cordova build issues. It came in really useful when getting to the bottom of my background image not displaying in a...
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    Ext JS 6 - Modern - Issue with background image display on iOS device and Safari

    I found myself really struggling with this issue as well. I tried to change the source path but I kept experiencing the issue, until I tried your suggestion and resized the file from 4048 x 3040 a...
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    Ext JS 6 - Modern

    This works brilliantly for my container that has multiple images. The images are added by the user one at a time and I was having trouble trying to contain all the images in the container. Having...
  10. Gap top and bottom of app on iOS devices - Ext JS 6

    Having created and built an Ext JS 6 Universal app the viewport will not populate the entire screen in an iOS device. As per suggestions in this post I added the necessary sized default splash...
  11. [FIXED] Ext JS 6 Modern - SuspendEvents not working

    The suspendEvents() is still not working from the view controller of where the events are being fired. Please fix?
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    twisted_pear - My afternoon has exponentially...

    twisted_pear - My afternoon has exponentially improved because of your Ext.pluck improvement. Thank you! :D
  13. [FIXED] Ext JS 6 Modern - Render grid cell based on value

    After trying a number of different things that wouldn't work using cell.setInnerCls('cls') finally allowed me to alter the cell back ground colour based on the cell value.

    columns: [
  14. Setting Data and accessing it via Viewmodel - Ext JS 6 Modern

    I am setting data in a ViewModel in a function where a particular record exists. I am then attempting to get that data in another function but I can't seem to get the record from within the data....
  15. Unable to enable field - Ext JS 6 - Modern

    I am in the same boat. I have a NavigationView panel as a login screen. Once the credential fields are used to login successfully, navigation back to the view using php as below, the view reappears...
  16. Geolocation as center of map - Ext JS 6 - Modern

    Setting useCurrentLocation: true/false works for me. Very concise way of centering the map to current location. Thank you.

    I wonder however if that config captures the current location based on...
  17. This works for me using Ext JS 6 - Modern. ...

    This works for me using Ext JS 6 - Modern.

    Thank you.
  18. Label wrap, label on separate line in form field

    In Ext JS 6 - Modern using the labelAlign: 'top' seems to provide the functionality I required similar to that of cihangir34.
  19. Auto adjust Form height in Panel - Ext JS 6 - Modern

    I had the same issue as jonathansimmons and Mitchell Simoens' answer partially resolved the issue for me too after I added the height and width config.
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    Form Panel won't appear in Panel. Ext JS 6 - Modern

    I had the same issue as jonathansimmons and Mitchell Simoens' answer resolved the issue for me too after I added the height and width config.

    My container hierarchy is as follows:

    Container ->...
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    Timepicker field - Ext JS 6 - Modern

    I'm new to Ext JS 6 (Sencha) and I am hoping to have a timepicker field in my form. I have looked at various forum posts from previous versions of Ext JS and struggling to apply the information to my...
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    Time picker field Ext JS 6 - Modern


    I have been trying to create a timepicker field for my form and mikegriffin's suggestion worked brilliantly.

    Thank you very much.
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