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    Sencha CMD 6.2 Load Order Issue

    We are attempting to upgrade our app and packages to use CMD 6.2 and are running into load order issues in app.json. Everything was loading in the proper order in CMD 6.0. In app.json, one of the...
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    Form onShow reset validation error

    I have a bug where a simple form with some textfields and a combobox gets stuck in an invalid state after show is called. I have a single page app, and when I navigate away and then back to this...
  3. Potential Solution

    I had the same bug thrown by a dataview. I am not sure exactly what causes it, but I cleared it up by properly clearing the store and refreshing the dataview after store clear.
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    Is the grid exporter to Excel IE8 compatible? Not trying to be lazy, but it would be nice if this were specified in the docs.
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    I ran into the same issue. I had to manually call dataview.refresh() after clearing the store.

    Try this function. It works in Sencha 6 classic, not sure if it will work in Touch 2.x, but could be useful for others who find this thread through Google....
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    Has anyone had issues opening the excel file with...

    Has anyone had issues opening the excel file with IE11? Chrome works fine, but in IE the URL opens in a new tab but I am not given an option to download. I do not have access to "My Computer" to...
  8. Ext.container.Container or Ext.view.View: Which to Use?

    My team is new to ExtJS 5. We are constructing an application that will iterate through and display a number of Trip objects such as the image below so that drivers can select which trip they would...
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    Hi Gary, I wasn't very clear: I would like...

    Hi Gary,

    I wasn't very clear: I would like addListener(), removeCls() for the Thumb that is generated on the slider. My goal is to have the Thumb on the slider be an image.
  10. Same problem here...I called setText on a Label,...

    Same problem here...I called setText on a Label, nothing else, and my scroll position was lost. I tried switching to a container instead of a label and calling update() to update the html, got the...
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    EXTJS 5 Slider and Thumb

    I made a custom slider component and I am trying to customize the slider for my purposes. I would like functionality such as addListener(), removeCls(), and visible(false). I would like to change...
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    Change text color in contianer in EXTJS 5

    I am able to modify several style properties such s background-color and font-weight by adding a css class to a container. However, I do not seem to be able to change the text color or size ('color'...
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