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    Ajax request failure causes application crash

    Sometimes when an ajax request enters the failure, this causes a malfunction in the application that forces you to refresh and lose data that has not been saved. Could this be a bug?
    Thanks in...
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    store do not load list using proxy type ajax

    Hello, this is my problem, I have an store using proxy type ajax

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    alias: 'store.PersonaStore',
    requires: [
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    Grid get empty after cell edit

    Hello, I have a grid with dinamic rows, I 've get buttons to add or remove rows if I need it. The problem is that when I edit a cell using cellediting plugin, after edit the grid is reseted and get...
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    autoUpdate equivalent in ExtJS 4.2

    Hello, I ´m using rowediting plugin, I need a funtionality like autoUpdate (exist in version 6.0), to keep a cell value when loses focus. How can I do this in ExtJS 4.2?. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, I am using rowediting plugin. When I try to...

    Hi, I am using rowediting plugin. When I try to edit a cell, buttons "OK" and "Cancel" appears and to keep the value inserted in a cell I need to press "OK" button. I need a way to keep the value...
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    Customize boolean filter options

    Hello, I want to customize the boolean filter options, instead 'Yes' or 'No', I need it in spanish, 'Si' and 'No', How can I do this?. Thanks in advanced!
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    rowediting autoUpdate in ExtJs 4

    Hello, I need a config option in my rowediting like autoUpdate functionality, but it seems Ext 4.2 do not have it. There is a way to simulate it or exist an equivalent config? Thanks in advanced.
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    Keep cell value when lose focus in grid

    Hello, I have a grid to get a collection of data. I need to keep an inserted value in any cell when it lose focus, without press enter or clic on OK button. Thanks in advanced.
  9. How to show 2 floating points precision in textfield

    Hello, I have a textfield to show numbers, I need to show the numbers always with a floating point precision of 2 characters, even if the value is an integer. How can i do this??. Thanks in advanced
  10. How to show 2 floating points numbers precision in textfield with integers

    Hello, I need to show in a textfield always a precision of 2 numbers, even if the number is an integer. How can I do this, I need to apply a format or something? Thanks in advance.
  11. blur event not firing when leave a tab of tab panel

    Hello, I´ve get this problem, I have a tab panel with 2 tabs, In one of the tabs I have a form, I need to clear the form when the other tab is clicked, I tried to use the blur event to do this using...
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