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    NumericAxis showing duplicated values

    When a bar chart has small values (like 2 for example) the numeric axis shows the numbers 1 and 2 repeatedly in the axis.

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    Mark group of checkboxes as invalid

    I'm porting an app from GXT 2 to GXT 3. I have a group of checkboxes in a HorizontalLyoutContainer and I need to mark them as invalid if none is selected.
    Previously that was achieved using a...
  3. Can you post a link to the answer of this...

    Can you post a link to the answer of this question? I could not find it.
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    Typeahead in combos


    I'm migrating a GXT 2 application to GXT 3 but I found an issue related to the implementation of typeahead in combos.

    In my GXT 2 application I have customized the typehead so that the...
  5. Solution

    Just answering myself in case this is useful for anybody else. I was able to solve this problem by getting the Y coordinate of the event and comparing it with the coordinates of the element where the...
  6. Drag and drop to TreeGrid: allow append between nodes but not into nodes

    I have a TreeGrid with different types of elements. On some of them I want to allow insertion even if they are leaves and on some of them I do not. I've managed to get this working by allowing...
  7. Just to answer myself in case it is useful to...

    Just to answer myself in case it is useful to someone: you have to add a FillToolItem component to the toolbar between the left aligned and the right aligned buttons.
  8. Align some buttons to the left and some to the right in grid toolbar


    I'd like to know if it is possible to align some buttons to the right in a default toolbar (which aligns always to the left). I know I can change the alignment of the whole toolbar with the...
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    Just in case anybody else has this same problem I have solved it by changing my code from the class constructor to the onRender method.
    Besides I changed the class from a ContentPanel to a...
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    Problem with paging grid and BeanModel

    I'm having a strange problem with a paging grid using BeanModel objects. My problem is that the grid is always empty although the toolbar shows the correct number of items that should be displayed. I...
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