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    Overlapping UI Components in Chrome

    I'm working with Ext.JS 4.2.x in a legacy application and recently Chrome is having a weird rendering issue where (randomly) UI components that are supposed to be stacked on top of each other over...
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    I'm having the same issue. Has anyone been able...

    I'm having the same issue. Has anyone been able to resolve this problem?
  3. I have a json file with nested data, how do I show it all in one row?

    So I have some nested JSON data that I want to show in a Datagird. The data looks like this:

    "Id": 17436936,
    "Name": "BS1564",
    "Barcode": "BS1564",
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    Thanks for the link. This over view will be...

    Thanks for the link. This over view will be helpful.

    I've been wondering about the differences between MVC and MVVM so this will be a good place to start.
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    Well, I guess a little of both. I'm working...

    Well, I guess a little of both.

    I'm working for a company that has been using an older version (4.2.2) and I've been asked to upgrade our company's version to 6.2. I've never used Ext JS before...
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    Looking for the best book to learn Ext JS 6

    I'm looking for recommendations for the what most people think is currently the best book on the market (or tutorial site) for learning Ext JS 6 - Classic.

    Thanks so much in advance,

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    Unable to call a function inline

    I'm trying to define a function in my Class and then call it within the same class but it doesn't seem to be working.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: 'Ext.grid.Panel',
  8. Is there a way to display the amount of time my datagrid component takes to load data

    I'm doing some performance testing on my App (currently using Ext 6.2) and I want to show how long in seconds it takes for my datagrid (Ext.grid.Panel) to load in a record set of 25,000 rows form my...
  9. The most current

    The most current
  10. Trying to generate a custom theme using Ext J2 4.2.2 and Sencha CMD

    I've been trying for about 45 mins to follow the steps in the Docs on how to set up a custom theme and I can't get it to work.!/guide/theming

    Basically when...
  11. Perfect!m Thanks so much

    Perfect!m Thanks so much
  12. Sencha CMD and Ext JS 4.2.2 -- Which version?

    We are currently using an older version of Ext JS 4.2.2 and I was interested in trying Sencha CMD, but I wasn't sure which version should I down load.

    Will the newest versions still work with my...
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