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    Lazy loading of a tree example

    Dear all,
    I found on a nice example of a lazy loading of nodes in a tree.

    Here's the code:

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    This answer is ridiculous: I should not be forced...

    This answer is ridiculous: I should not be forced to make a combobox editable (I do not want users to write their own stuff in them). Besides it does not answer my problem.

    Thanks for the try...
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    Local Data Store dynamic reload

    I have the following form with two comboboxes. Data for the two are kept locally, hardwired in the code as arrays. I would like to be able to change the list of options in the second combobox when...
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    Contextmenu on a chart

    I have a chart with several lines in it: I know how to define a contextmenu for the chart, but I do not know how to get a handle on the particular line the user has right clicked upon. The context...
  5. Incorrect rendering in chart with remote xml payload data

    The following script tries to display data requested to a remote server in the form of an xml payload inside a chart.
    The xml payload is attached at the end of this message.

    What I get is a line...
  6. [FIXED-779] Bugs in treegrid.html and related js

    I tried your treegrid example for EXT-3.1.1 (treegrid.html)
    Since I'm forced to use xhtml type for my project I changed the <html> tag in treegrid.html to

    <html xmlns =...
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    [FIXED][3.0rc2] xhtml incompatibility fixed

    I need to use Extjs scripts in conjunction with svg graphics, which implies xhtml and strict html syntax. I found the following bugs in ext-all-debug.js (version 3.0), related to a missing </img> tag...
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    (possible) answer

    I'm not sure this is the answer, but I notice that you miss-typed Destroy with Detroy

    new Ext.ToolTip({target:, title: '',autoHide : true, autoLoad:'infosTicket.cfm?id='
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    GroupingStore reload with different url

    I define a grouping store with a proxy like this

    var theDACProxy = new{url: 'http://myserver?par1=alpha'}) ;

    groupingDAC = new{
  10. [2.0??] Bugs with strict xhtml (as opposed to html)

    I've recently been able to implement a tree in an html page (with a perl backend instead of php one, but that's irrelevant here). It works if the file (and the Content-type) are of type html, but I...
  11. Adding a feature to the header of a GroupingStore

    I created an EditorGridPanel as shown in the picture below, and I would like to add an option to the popo-up window, below the "Group By This Field option".
    How can I do this? Thanks, Dario
  12. Trap the row number in an EditorGridPanel mouseover

    When a user hovers the mouse on an EditorGridPanel and the trackMouseOver flag is true, the corresponding row is highlighted. I need to capture, at each mouseover the row number in a similar way.
  13. Sorry, but I don't get it: the proposed solution...

    Sorry, but I don't get it: the proposed solution (here) has to do with the autocomplete="off" feature.

    I checked the Generated Source with the WebDeveloper add-on of FF and my EditGrid has...
  14. EditorGridPanel bug when editing a cell

    Ok, I will post details (it's a rather complex code, though...)

    First a snapshot of the output:

    Then a snapshot of the js script:

  15. [2.0??] EditorGridPanel bug when editing a cell

    I implemented an EditorGridPanel which works fine up to a certain point:
    for a while I can edit and change values, but at a certain point I get the following error trapped by Firebug
    (I'm using...
  16. [2.0][SOLVED] Missing in totals.html example when converted to xhtml

    Yet another bug: I converted the totals.html example (see
    from html to xhtml and I got an error in Firebug (FF

    The error occurs...
  17. Got it! In ext-all-debug at line 14628 says:...

    Got it!

    In ext-all-debug at line 14628 says:

    '<div class="x-tool x-tool-{id}">&#160</div>'

    where it should be instead:
  18. I'm using FF (brand new!). The...

    I'm using FF (brand new!).

    The traceback of the error has been generated by Firebug: I tried to put a debugger statement at the offending line, but I'm not an extjs developer, so I havn't...
  19. By the way: the same behaviour happens for...

    By the way: the same behaviour happens for another script: instead of sending code around, I'll point you to the actual demo:
    (works fine)...
  20. [2.0??][SOLVED] Panel Collapsible Option fails in xhtml

    When adding a collapsible: true option to a panel in a script acting in an html context,
    I get a nicely working TabPanel. The same script fails in an identical xhtml files.

    The error is

  21. Howto: a TabPanel containing different toolbars in each tab

    I'm a newbie and I'm trying to build a TabPanel with a different Toolbar in each tab.
    Is someone out there able to help me with an example? I don't need explanations, just the example
    would do it...
  22. Transition from html to xhtml

    Did as susggested: now I get a different error

    Pretty much frustrating, sigh.... :((
  23. Transition from html to xhtml

    I switched to ext-all-debug: the stack traceback says:

    By the way: what I'm try to accomplish is to present a clickable svg map (a rather complex one actually) with an overlaid ext element (a...
  24. [2.0rc1][SOLVED] Transition from html to xhtml

    I'm a newbie, so bear with me: I modified the example posted at
    moving from html to xhtml (I need to include svg graphics in the page along with...
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