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    Package namespace same as App

    Is it possible to have the same package namespace as the app?

    I'm trying to refactor my app so that it uses a package, and I'm trying to move a lot of the code from the app to the package but dont...
  2. This would be perfect answer, except that...

    This would be perfect answer, except that this.owner is undefined!

    Any other way to achieve this?
  3. One way I was thinking of accomplishing this is...

    One way I was thinking of accomplishing this is by injecting the additional data into each store record but I'm hoping there might be a better way of doing this.
  4. Bind ViewModel Data and store to Grid Template

    I'm using Ext.grid.Panel in conjunction with ViewModel. In ViewModel I have defined a store which is bound to store in the grid.

    However, in addition to store, I also have data in the ViewModel...
  5. DispatchEvent and Caputre it through Ext.on()

    I use Ext.on('someevet', function(){}); to capture global events.. Within my Ext application I use Ext.GlobalEvents.fireEvent('someevent');

    However, I would like to use plain (vanila) javascript...
  6. Found a workaround in case anyone is interested....

    Found a workaround in case anyone is interested.

    I removed the following from package.json

    "properties": {
    "skip.sass": 1

    Now, when I'm building the package, instead of "sencha...
  7. After reading through documentation, it looks...

    After reading through documentation, it looks like "uses" property is not supported in package.json. However, I believe this is very important feature to have.

    In our case we have a number of...
  8. Uses property with skip.sass not building CSS files

    I'm using ExtJs 6.5.1 and CMD 6.5.1.

    I have a package which has a requirements to be build separately to be used in a remote repository and in order to build the package successfully I have to...
  9. Uses property not working in package.json

    In package.json the "uses" property has no effect. Is there any way to build dynamic packages from within another package?

    "requires": [

    "uses": [
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    Dynamic Packages with Theme

    I'm using dynamic package in my application, and it works great.

    I'm also using a theme package for my application and I'm trying to add sass file for one of my views defined in the dynamic...
  11. Sencha Remote Packages with private GitHub Repo over HTTPS

    Is it possible to setup remote packages with private GitHub repo over HTTPS?

    I was able to setup sencha remote packages with public GitHub repo using the following URL...
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    Layout Align Stretch Bug

    Tested on

    OS: OSX 10.13.3
    Browser: Chrome 64 and Firefox
    ExtJS: 6.5.2, 6.5.1

    Bug occurs during window resize (not right away) and only in combination with Layout align "stretch" and only when...
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    Include Coplex JSON with x-generate

    Is there any way to include deeply nested JSON object using x-generate?


    <target name="-before-init"> <x-generate file="./Config.js.tpl.merge" tofile="./src/data/Config.js"
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    Build app with package build.xml

    Is there any way to automatically invoke build.xml in the package when app is build? Or I need to build the package separately?
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    I'm using a custom implementation which is...

    I'm using a custom implementation which is outlined in the which does not rely on Ext Js implementation of localization.

    For Classic toolkit,...
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    Internationalization and Localization

    I followed the example illustrated in the article "Internationalization & Localization with Sencha Ext JS" to create a localization system for Ext Js and it worked great for Classic toolkit, however...
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    Navigation View - Title Not Binding

    Using Modern toolkit, cannot bind title to ViewModel in navigationview.

    Please see fiddle.

    Any workaround?
  18. Shared Data for entire application in ViewModel

    I have an object with labels and localizations for entire application. I would like to make it available to all ViewModels so that on language change I could use binding to update all the views with...
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    Bind to External Object

    I'm trying to use viewmodel to have a binded data property which is pointed to an external object..

    It works fine, however, when the external object changes, the change does not effect the view. ...
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    Before Init App Controller

    I noticed that app controllers get initiated before launch.

    I would like to load configuration from server before launch and before app controller init. How can I achieve this?
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    I still dont quite understand, why it makes a...

    I still dont quite understand, why it makes a call on the getter when the data should be there?
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    Association Getter Request Call

    I have a model with nested data using reference. After I create a new record (with nested data) and call the getter function, it makes an Ajax request.

    How can I disable this request?

    Here is...
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    Complex Deep Binding

    I have nested data for a user which I'm trying to edit (in a bindable form). userAccess data could be dynamic, so for each record I have a row of fields which I'm trying to pre-populate with...
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    [FIXED] Can you confirm that this was fixed? Can you...

    Can you confirm that this was fixed? Can you provide a link to the latest Sencha Cmd 6.5 where it was fixed? The last time I checked it using on MAC, it was not working.
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    [FIXED] I was hoping to see some bug ticket details.

    I was hoping to see some bug ticket details.
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