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  1. [OPEN] possible fix

    The patch/fix we got from Sencha is below. Posting for others who run into this issue.

    .x-menu-item-active .x-menu-item-icon-default { pointer-events: none; }
  2. [OPEN] Firefox / Combobox in window - selection list and scrollbar not in agreement

    Ext 6.0.2 / Firefox (tested version 45 & 47)
    We have a window with a combobox in it. Can get into state where the combobox list has a scrollbar in the "wrong" position - or at least not consistent...
  3. [FIXED] Grid summary feature showing duplicate rows on a tree when expand last tree node

    Basically I have a tree panel with a summary feature.
    When the last node of the tree panel is expanded, the summary feature gets duplicated.
    Calling an explicit getView.refresh() does correct it,...
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    [OPEN] Possible fix

    We found a fix that seems to work for us (haven't been through a ton of testing yet)

    CSS rule:

    .x-grid-header-ct.x-docked {
    z-index: inherit !important;

    Code override for...
  5. IE only - start edit error Object doesn't support property or method 'selectText'

    Create a grid with a checkbox as the first field.
    Programmatically add a new row and start an edit in IE11.
    Seems fixed in 6.1 nightlies, so that's good. May not need an earlier fix.

    Repro in...
  6. [INFOREQ] 6.1 nightly seems fixed. 6.0 nightly does not.

    6.1 nightly seems fixed. 6.0 nightly does not.
  7. [FIXED] Bug Ext 6 > Add new row to grid with summary feature shows dup summary rows

    I have a grid with summary feature and ability for users to add new rows to the grid. When these are combined in Ext 6, the summary rows get duplicated. (Worked in Ext 4).

    Reproduce here:...
  8. [INFOREQ] I don't have time to build that up. I'll give you...

    I don't have time to build that up. I'll give you the override that fixes it. It's just a check for not null - same thing you all did in the first for loop of this method.

    i suspect if you create...
  9. [INFOREQ] ExtJS 6.0.2 Ext.grid.locking.HeaderContainer applyColumnsState error

    I have a grid with stateful and locked columns. If new columns get added to the grid that weren't in previously stored state, getting: TypeError: Cannot read property 'index' of undefined at...
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