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  1. Animator Crashes When Dragging and Dropping On Object to Make Child

    I've had this happen pretty consistently. An example of what's happening is that I might have a character I'm animating, and I've made a hand a child of the character's arm object, so when I rotate...
  2. Major Problems With Animations on Android Phones

    It seems that there are major issues with animations on Android Phones,
    where objects are out of alignment, especially when objects have scaling
    or rotation animation. My default animation preview...
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    Layer coloring

    Can you please put in the ability to highlight layers with different colors. It's a sea of gray in the interface, which makes it easy to add a keyframe to a particular layer when you meant to add it...
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    Shortening Total Duration of Animation

    Hello, I have two questions. One, is there a way to shorten the duration of an animation with a large amount of layers without having to move each layer's last keyframe (assuming they all end at the...

    I just realized now that when the lock is active on a layer/object it doesn't do anything. What do I mean? I mean, when I put the lock on a layer, I can move keyframes on the timeline to another...
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    Preview with layers turned off?

    Would it be possible to engineer the software so that one is able to preview the animation in a browser and not see layers that are turned off in Sencha Animator?

    I know you can click the play...
  7. I'm not sure what you mean, copy and paste them...

    I'm not sure what you mean, copy and paste them from project to project. Let's take the following example. Let's
    say I have a monkey in one project, and that monkey is made up of separate objects...
  8. Combining Animations from Different Projects into one new project

    I've created several character animations, made up of lots of animated parts, in different project files. Is it possible to combine these characters into a new animation. Without having to do some...
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    Layer selection

    Sometimes selecting one layer after another results in some glitch where it won't unselect the previous layer selected. If you look at this screenshot:
  10. [FIXED] Thank you

    Thank you, that appears to work. Is there a way to ensure when moving an object/layer like that, using keyframes, within Sencha that ensures that that problem doesn't happen so that you don't need...
  11. [FIXED] Background shift to the left

    Oh, by the way, it only appears to be viewable in Safari, and
    on my Mac it looks perfect in Safari, but in Safari on my iphone
    the background doesn't work properly. It's shifted to the left,
  12. [FIXED] The link for the animation that has the background shift to the left

    Here is the link:
  13. [FIXED] Objects positioned incorrectly when viewed on Safari on an iphone

    Here is the issue I'm having. I made an animation where the background layer, a tall rectangle almost 4000 pixels tall, moves vertically for the duration of the animation. It starts with the top of...
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