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  1. How to set background images for sencha touch 2 carousel indicator

    I would like to have a different image for each dot in the carousel indicator, looking like a button. Is that possible to do? Thanks
  2. Scrolling a list and carousel vertically together side by side

    Hi. Is there a way to scroll a list and a carousel vertically side by side? I have tabular data, and the idea is to keep the first column fixed in place (I'm using a list for that), and to have a...
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    treegrid row display problem

    Hi. I think this is more of the same. I am using a new build with all the bug fixes, and yet, in the attached code, only parents with children are displayed originally, but when I move the scroll...
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    Hi. Is this fix available in a .jar yet? I do...

    Hi. Is this fix available in a .jar yet? I do not have access to SVN either, and this bug is pretty major and looks like it has been fixed already in late July. Thanks!
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