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  1. How to refresh widgetcolumn after grid sorting

    Hello everybody

    I work with ext 5.1.1 and I need to implement a grid with a widgetcolumn which is displaying me a drawing component for each record. I created the whole implementation and it works...
  2. With this picture you should be able to...

    With this picture you should be able to understand what i mean:
    The y-axis labels should have the same size that the curve are in correct size..

    Thank you
  3. Sencha Chart axis label with fixed width

    Hello community,

    I'm creating an overview which show maybe 5-10 charts in a list. These charts has diffrent ranges of y-Axis values, otherwise the x-Axis are always the same. The user want to...
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    Custom view of numeric axis

    Hello community

    After trying some time I think is better to ask here in the forum. I have a chart which shows engine load data in horizontal axis. Exp: (20%,40%,65%,81%,98%). Now I want that my...
  5. [OPEN] Critical Field will not be sent on store remove action

    Hello community,

    I have a proxy store which is connected to my php backend (mysql). Everything is working fine but there is one problem. When I want to sync the remove action the critical field...
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    Key lookup on gridview column

    Hello everybody

    I have a editable grid with a key column. The description of the key is saved in an other database table. Now i search for a function which allows me to make a lookup to display...
  7. Accessing a component instance in a controller event

    Hello everybody

    I'm developing my first tool with Ext. It's a simple little editor for administrating a data-dictionary. I use laravel for serverside requests and db access. So I started with this...
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