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    Is there anyone who can help me out here.

    Is there anyone who can help me out here.
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    Column Filters not working for date.

    Am using Bryntum's Gantt and there are Dates column on it which is using date filer. The Before filter works on Startdate column but the After and On filter wont work.They just give me no results....
  3. Getting dragged records in getPosition method

    Is there a way of getting dragged records in getPosition method of ViewDropZone.
    Currently am getting the node data where the task is dropped but am not getting the dragged task.
    How can I do that?...
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    Issue when adding records to grid

    I am using Bryntum's Gantt and have built my own custom extjs Grid there. You can see in the below code I have an Add button in toolbar which adds the record to the store with the deafult text of...
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    Node drop on empty folder.

    I have been using Bryntum's Gantt and it has a left panel with a drag drop column.It enables drag drop by using TreeViewDragDrop plugin
    This column actually provides functionality to select...
  6. Collapse child nodes and not the root node.

    I have a collapse all button and on the click of it I need to collapse the parent nodes except the root node.
    So the root node must display the parent nodes as collapsed.Currently it just displays...
  7. Function getNewRecords() ,getModifiedRecords() all returning an empty array

    I am using Bryntum's Gantt but facing a weird issue.
    When I call the save button after adding records getNewRecords() function just returns me and empty array.

    Dont know why is this...
  8. How to load my custom Viewport from app.js

    My server wont allow to create folders all I have is to create files, but autoCreateViewport : true searches for Viewport.js in view directory.

    I tried autoCreateViewport to set it to false and...
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    store.each function is giving me error

    Here is my task store and when I try to get its records using store.each it gives me TypeError: store.each is not a function

    store = Ext.create('', {
  10. How do I call array instead of URL in Gantt Scheduler?

    Hello ,

    I am complete novice to extjs and want to try Bryntum's Gantt Scheduler.

    There is a file data.js in their example which has the data to load.

    But I want to load an array and not url....
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