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    GXTForms 0.2 released

    Hi all,

    I released 0.2 of GXTForms to the google code page
    (, and deployed the new demo to
    appengine ( For those who don't know...
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    GXTForms 0.1

    Hi all,

    I released a library for GXT. Allows you to annotate classes and create forms with databinding very easily.

    See for more info and a link to an explorer...
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    GXTForms release

    I put out the first "release" of my little gxtforms library.

    Demo (with source tabs) here:

    I was inspired by the django...
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    GXT Forms

    Hi all,

    I wrote a little library for form generation. The way it works is you annotate a JavaBean like so:

    class MyBean {

    @CharField(index = 1, maxLength=50, allowBlank=false)
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    partial solution

    I added a class with float: right to my ext-all.css. I noticed that the gxt desktop demo had that, but my app did not. Kind of odd to see a css difference, I've got gxt 1.2.3.
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    Desktop app window icons

    I've poking around with the Desktop class and related stuff, trying to follow the example desktop app and put something together. Things are working, but I have a nagging layout/css issue. See the...
  7. offset issue is apparently in svn
  8. correction about reproducing

    To reproduce, all I have to do is mouseover draggable elements. Have not tested on windows.
  9. also, the drag-proxy is out of position if I scroll

    Also, I forgot to mention that the drag proxy is out of position if I scroll the page vertically. I figure this is related to the error I mention above. Interestingly, I see this same proxy out of...
  10. Drag And Drop ListView issues on Linux

    Hi all,

    I'm testing the drag and drop work with some stuff I've been doing. I'm able to reproduce an issue with a GWT Launch on linux. If I have a list view with drag and drop on a page with...
  11. I saw this error because I was trying to send...

    I saw this error because I was trying to send instances of BeanModel over the wire vs. sending my regular POJOs and using a BeanModelReader on the client side.

    I guess you don't use...
  12. another css file was in the way

    I'm using the maven 2 gwt plugin archetype and it creates a css file, Application.css that adds a conflicting stylesheet rule.

  13. date picker icon wraps to the next line

    HI all,

    I'm having an issue with the date picker icon wrapping to the next line (also happening on the collapse icon). I've attached a screenshot.
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