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  1. @aicgroup-de Appreciate your input. I will...

    @aicgroup-de Appreciate your input. I will definitely have a look. I had the same first impression of mxgraph.
  2. Workflow (flowchart/process) designer component

    Hello All,

    we are looking for to build a workflow designer component.

    I want to check if there is something as a starting point, there are some javascript workflow builder available which are...
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    JSONP return html page from different URL


    I want to call a different URL to get content of an html page and show it a panel. Is there something like JSONP to load actual html content?

    Since I am returning "text/html" it fails of...
  4. Draw package. How to resize a draw sprite rectangle ?

    How can I approach to resize a sprite e.g. a rectangle in the draw package.

    I was able to implement the drag&drop, but now I want to be able to resize the drwa elements as well.

    Any hints,...
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    Not sure If I understand your problem correct,...

    Not sure If I understand your problem correct, but you can do following

    ajax request define url param to your webservice url

    url: 'your url',
  6. grid date time in timezone utc vs milliseconds vs soe zone

    How is the best practice to handle timezones in a grid for example.

    I am sending in the JSON the date as milliseconds. I know this was saved before as UTC.

    for example

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