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  1. Thanks

    I changed the proxy type in the store from 'rest' to 'ajax' and that seemed to do the trick.

    Thank you for the tip about how to add the store to the view the right way.
  2. Sencha touch 2.4.2: Reading json data from a store not working

    I am trying to read json data from a rest service into a data store in my Sencha Android application. When I add the data directly to the store the application launches on my emulator and works fine....
  3. Thanks

    I just noticed this, thank you.
  4. Invalid JSON

    I checked my JSON string again and discovered that that was the problem.
  5. Converting JSON String to object in Sencha Ext JS 6


    I am trying to decode a json string in Sencha Ext JS 6 so that I can get the values inside the json to add to a data store. Below is what I have tried from the API documentation;

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