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  1. Stores not updated after session SaveBatch created record

    I have parent session and control with list of the Model.
    And I wan't to open Add Window with this viewModel section

    viewModel: {
    links: {
    item: record || {
  2. Update parent Session after start getSaveBatch of chidren session

    Parent session is created is View.
    Then I create editor of the row in chidren session. Then I start Batch operation
    var session = this.getView().getSession();
    var batch = session.getSaveBatch();
  3. ExtJs Polar Chart setSeries error

    I need to change in runtime set of the series in polar chart, but I can't (exceptions).

    How I can change set of the series?

  4. Replies

    Plugin and packages

    I have VS 2015 and latest plugin.
    In existsting project I add Workspace. And want to have few applications and own packages shared throw applications. But now I just add 1 App and 1...
  5. Numberfield in IE multiple increases on click

    I have problem in IE, when you click up or down - there are 2 or more increases in value.
    Can I off when you click and wait - increases action?...
  6. hbox in table layout items not visible

    Hello! I use hbox layout in table and I don't see inner items! Fiddle link:

    Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
    title: 'Hello',
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