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  1. [SOLVED] Grid not adding row on windows - works on linux (bug?)

    Finally, found the solution. I am posting it because it can be useful to somebody.
    After adding the row to the store of the grid, I added the reconfiguration of the grid:
  2. Grid not adding row on windows - works on linux (bug?)

    Hello to all, I came across a problem that I cannot solve (just now migrating to GXT 4.X is not possible) wich is:
    I have a grid that is filled by the user by adding row by row with data.

  3. Linked Comboboxes filter behaviour - need some help

    Hello, first of all I've been searching in the web for some time now and found no real helping results, other than a similar situation in GXT 2.
    I'm using GXT 3.1.1, and here's the situation:
  4. Solved it by wrapping components (FieldSet,...

    Solved it by wrapping components (FieldSet, ContentPanel) inside a FlowLayoutContainer and not specifying height in any of the contained items.
    Also, for this behaviour, had to change...
  5. How can I auto adjust ContentPanel size ?

    Hi, I am implementing a custom widget that consists of a ContentPanel containing two other ContentPanel s, the three are collapsible. I'm trying to achieve that the container CP change size auto...
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