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  1. Bug ST2

    This is for ST2. I'm using the latest version of Architect to make this. Below are my definitions. This should be fairly easy to reproduce as the renderer function passes the axis object as a 2nd...
  2. Category Axis Labels Not Updating Properly

    I found a bug with the category axis labels. When I bind it to a model, they only update when the number of items in the store changes. e.g. if my API call returns 10 items and the store contains 10...
  3. Too bad

    This sort of behavior is necessary if you want people to be able to mix series types. The bar series adds a gap between the vertical axes and the first and final data points. In a chart where you...
  4. Replies

    Styling the arrow

    Set background to none on this element in your css and whatever color or image you set to the parent element will extend all of the way to the right.

    .x-field-select .x-component-outer::before...
  5. Update

    After some thought on this, I think the best approach is to use custom properties to handle this. On my template elements, I'm going to add a landscape and portrait variable for height, width, flex,...
  6. Sencha Architect: Handling Orientations

    Is there a guide on how to best manage orientations in Sencha Architect? I started manually handling the onOrientation change but since the layout preview doesn't display any layouts that are...
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