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  1. We can override this selectfield.

    Hi found something for you, i got this one. May this help for your bug.

    Ext.override(Ext.field.Input, { setValue: function (newValue) { var oldValue = this._value; ...
  2. Sencha Touch Selectfield Change event didn't work ?

    Hi Friends,

    i have some shortage issue in selectfield change event. In normal case it works fine. but In case display texts are same and values are different change event didn't work.
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    thanks enagic :)

    thanks enagic :)
  4. thanks mitchell, :)

    thanks mitchell, :)
  5. thanks mitchell, i used a file called...

    thanks mitchell, i used a file called commonFun.js and gridFun.js both js files are common files to all controllers. If i created production build and run in browser, i'm getting error. because in...
  6. Could we use down and up instead of Ext.get(), Ext.getCmp() and Ext.getComponent ?


    i'm focusing on Sencha touch performance improvement in my mobile hybrid app for android. So i took steps to reduce unnecessary codes and try to reusable same code for some functions. I have...
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    How to increase performance ?


    i'm working in hybrid app development. i used sencha touch 2.4 and cordova 4.2.1. You know my app is still getting problem in performence. When i run my application in my mobile browser...
  8. How you are using production version ?

    Could you explain me how you are using build for production version. and we need all-classes.js file for production build ?

    thanks in advance :)
  9. Sencha Touch How to build for Prodcution Version ? & How to use production Version ?

    Hi ,
    i tried to use "sencha app build production" from my app folder. production version is created in "workspace/build/production/appFolder".

    But i don't know how to use the production...
  10. thanks for your reply. Without crosswalk i can...

    thanks for your reply. Without crosswalk i can debug in chrome. but i need to check the performance of app.
  11. How to get diifference between Cordova app is working in Mobile Mobile or Mobile App

    Hi friends,

    i created android hybrid app using sencha touch and cordova. How to get differentiate from app is run in mobile browser or Mobile app (web view) ?

    thanks in advance... :)
  12. Sencha Touch + Cordova App = Android. How to increase app performance ?

    I created hybrid app using sencha touch 2.4 & cordova 4.2.1 for android platform. My target is app will work in all version.

    My app is getting too much slow and sometimes getting hang. So

  13. Sencha Touch + Cordova app for android. Session management issue ?

    Yes. i too faced same issue in Session management issue in Android kitkat 4.4.4 API Level 19. When i Set TargetSDKLevel = 21.

    Session Management Issue will solve Only in 2 cases :

    For Kitkat...
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