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  1. Any solution to this issue?

    I would like to also retain comments in testing builds - thanks.
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    SA Testing Build Question

    After upgrading to this latest version, I am noticing the following ClosureCompressor message in the tool's Cmd Output panel during a Testing build for an Ext JS 6.0.2 app:

    [INF] Loading compiler...
  3. This workaround worked for me as well after...

    This workaround worked for me as well after experiencing the previously described symptoms while opening an existing project (Windows 7, Ext JS 6.0,2).- thanks!

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    [FIXED] Any idea when this issue will be resolved?

    We heavily rely on this component type, so there are many scenarios where users might be impacted by this error.
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    [FIXED] 100% agree...

    Makes life way too difficult otherwise.
  6. WIll this notion ever be entertained as a future feature?

    I can certainly see the complexities involved in building an engine which would support importing components based on the entire Ext JS/Touch code base... but what about just the ability to importing...
  7. I second this request. A perfect example is...

    I second this request. A perfect example is Actual (or Projected) Service Levels which are rarely whole integer values. There is certainly a need to be able to specify a Step Increment instead of...
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    Another Vote for Standalone Version

    A standalone version of this plugin would be of great assistance to developers not needing all of the Complete functionality, as well as developers already using another Eclipse-based product like...
  9. Same here...

    And it's really weird since at first the implementation worked fine, but then it just results in this error.
    Very strange...
  10. Application Still Accessible?

    I am starting on a similar project using DB2 Web Query on the AS/400 and Ext JS on the client, so I would be interested in seeing your code in action.

    Thanks in advance.
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