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  1. Send textfield value to JSON through store baseParams?

    Hi !, i want to send a value from textfield through baseParams of store to JSON with the sql query.

    Thath is the store:

    var store_CC= new

    baseParams: {
  2. How can i send the compositefield value to JSON to obtain values?

    Hi!, y trying to send a composite values to JSON to catch some DB values and the fill a textfields in the form.

    This is the Composite field

    { columnWidth:...
  3. The console show some information, but nothing...

    The console show some information, but nothing about the file thats cointain the form. ( the file is named nuevocontrato.js)

  4. The extjs proyect not show some elements correctly.

    Hi!, i have a project in extjs 3 and now i was generating the views with a web generator called, and this generator works fine but in the last screen that i put in...
  5. How can i send $SESSION variable from PHP to Display Field in EXTJS?

    Hi!, i trying to send a $_SESSION variables from PHP to extjs 6 (after login), (to fill a display field), but i dont know how can i do it.

    I created the id name for Display field...
  6. Get values from PHP $_SESSION variables to use in labels?

    Hi!, i was trying to obtain $_SESSION variables from PHP to Panel in EXTJS 6 (This panel is blank and have a section code of HTML and some labels in EXTJ. The idea is fill this labels with the info...
  7. Use or show HTML with php dependencies in Panel?

    Hi!, i need to load HTML data in a Panel of EXTJS 6 , but this HTML depends of PHP functions with PHP includes. Otherwhise can i use HTML code in a EXTJS6 panel, but i cannot use PHP code + HTML like...
  8. Show php file with JS and HTML sections in EXTJS6 Panels.

    Hi!, i have an a project made in extjs4, thats works with HTML and PHP files to load a form to login and other features. Actually i was developing a EXTJS6 project with Sencha architech where works...
  9. How can i show HTML file content in a panel in EXTJS 6 developed in architech?

    Hi!, i trying to put a HTML content file in a Ext JS panel. I have project developed in Sencha Architech with a banner that contain a Panel and Container, but i need to put other banner thats...
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    Thanks !, but, where i should to put this line?...

    Thanks !, but, where i should to put this line? what file?.
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    How translate a Datefield Plugin?

    Hi!, i put a datefield in a form page with sencha architech, but this datefield is only in English, and i want to translate this to Spanish. In folder /classic/locale/overrides/es/, exist a file...
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