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  1. Thanks Maku, I found that useful and quick. With...

    Thanks Maku, I found that useful and quick. With the newer versions of GXT markInvalid(string) is deprecated and needs to be replaced with forceInvalid(string). Other than that all I needed was a...
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    combo box stuck open

    1.1 alpha 4

    Slightly misleading subject line but couldn't think how to word it.

    A combo box is made of a text field and a trigger button on the right hand side. In order to make it act like a...
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    Column layout problem in a window

    There is some likelyhood I am misusing the layouts or something... I have been unable to find a good resource on 1. the lifecycle of a layout container, and 2. the proper use of layouts. So far my...
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    From the GWT team

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this is still the debate but please check out this thread and specifically look at the comment from Miguel Mendez
  5. DataListBinder give unhelpful exception message

    1.1 alpha 3

    I set up a very simple example using a DataList and a ListStore and a DataListBinder to bind them together. I forgot to call setDisplayProperty on the binder so the DataList didn't...
  6. Thanks for that answer. I'm getting closer to...

    Thanks for that answer. I'm getting closer to understanding.

    Sorry for being slow but what exactly is the detaching feature? or specifically what is detaching and what is a scenario of its use...
  7. I've pinned this one down further: Set up a...

    I've pinned this one down further:

    Set up a grid with a few rows.
    Set up a context menu for the grid.
    Right click on a row - it highlights blue and the context menu shows.
    With the context...
  8. [FIXED] Grid ColumnConfig set up for date does not gracefully handle nulls

    1.1 alpha 3

    ColumnConfig dateConf = new ColumnConfig("dob", "Date of Birth", 100);
    dateConf.setDateTimeFormat(DateTimeFormat.getFormat("y m d"));

    ... throws NullPointerException if one of the...
  9. context menu non-clickable patch between the icon and label

    1.1 alpha 3

    You right click and it brings up the context menu. My context menus have icons on the left and labels on the right. If I mouse over the icon or the label I get a hand and I can click...
  10. Thanks Maku, So far my understanding is up to...

    Thanks Maku,

    So far my understanding is up to what you've explained, so at least I'm on the right track. You're right, I am using hibernate4gwt to look after painless use of hibernate DTOs across...
  11. [FIXED] Context menu breaks highlighting

    - GXT version
    1.1 alpha 3

    - Detailed description of the problem
    In a grid when you click a row it highlights blue. When you mouse over another row it leaves the blue highlight on the previous...
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    Hitting enter on grid causes app reload

    1.1 alpha 3

    Win XP (hosted mode is IE7)

    When I click to select a row in my grid it highlights. Then when I press the down arrow it selects the row below, if I then press enter my entire app...
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    "remember" grid selection between loads

    A user clicks on a row in a grid and one row is selected (by highlighting with a blue background) and then the user reloads the grid data and when the reload finishes the same row is still...
  14. Ok that's a good answer and it's true, but when I...

    Ok that's a good answer and it's true, but when I think about it... before I introduced GXT to the mix I was using hibernate4gwt and gwtsl and I never got PersistentSet worries AND I didn't have to...
  15. @ronaldmathies - now that I've finally got my...

    @ronaldmathies - now that I've finally got my head around the GWT-Ext vs. ExtGWT identity crisis how come you're linking us to a GWT-Ext page?

    @gslender - hey Grant, I got the latest GXT 1.1 alpha...
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    Unhelpful exception when using Grid

    - Detailed description of the problem
    You happily set up your columns like this:

    columns.add(new ColumnConfig("location", "Location", 150));
    columns.add(new ColumnConfig("description",...
  17. Hi Grant. Awesome, thanks for the really good...

    Hi Grant.
    Awesome, thanks for the really good answer. So yes based on all that I am an ExtGWT (GXT) user. The other thing is due to the nature of my business (building small intranet apps on a...
  18. YES!

    Thanks gslender, what a legend! I've printed the article and gone through it, it's exactly what I need.

    The article leads me onto another question:
    Can someone please clear up for me what might...
  19. killer.detach(result) works, but my result is empty


    I am using GWT-SL-0.1.5, Hibernate3, hibernate4gwt-1.0.4_GWT_1.5RC1, GWT 1.5, GXT (or GWT EXT). I'm using hibernate4gwt in stateless mode and I'm using GWT-SL as Service Exporter. In an AOP...
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