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  1. Luca, The first three of my code snippets show...


    The first three of my code snippets show how to modify the Touch Charts source. Search for instances of "AJW" to see what modifications I made.

    The fourth and last snippet contains the...
  2. Take a look at my screen1.jpg and screen2.jpg...

    Take a look at my screen1.jpg and screen2.jpg screenshots, the links of which are embedded in my post. The number of labels and dashes are greatly reduced on the X axis. Is this what you want? If...
  3. OTOH... why doesn't removeAll() actually remove...

    OTOH... why doesn't removeAll() actually remove them, like the documentation suggests it should?

    I'm not sure if Mr. Garcia's reply is "the official way" or a workaround for a broken method.

  4. GOTCHA: store writes during render trigger endless chart refreshes

    In the following chart config, event 'labelOverflow' uses the store to communicate to the callout renderer. However, writing to the store during the rendering of the chart will fire the 'update'...
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    Multiline callout labels on pie chart?

    I'd like to have multiline (well, actually just 2 lines) callout labels on a pie chart. Possible?
  6. Size of pie chart not taking into callout labels

    I'm rendering a pie series chart into one of my panels. Every slice has a callout label. The callout labels at top and bottom aren't rendered; they're chopped off. To get them to show, I have to...
  7. [FIXED] still not fixed?!

    Bump. This was reported in January and it's STILL not fixed? Come on! This is lame. I'm trying to implement disabling of Ext.List items (not officially supported), and this bug is biting, since...
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    Disable/enable items in Ext.List?

    Is there a way to disable (and later enable) an individual item in an Ext.List ? I would like to disable certain items when the user is logged out; they should appear greyed-out, and shouldn't fire...
  9. Filtering of inflections: great results

    Thanks philogb.

    That's useful up to a point, and I would argue that you should include a boolean include-label filter function in future releases. However, you can and should go so much further. ...
  10. Reducing number of labels on X axis of Stock example

    Take your Stock line chart example: how would you greatly reduce the number of labels on the X (time) axis?

    You have approx seven months worth of data, and the number of labels is excessive. I...
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    CSS Guidance needed

    I notice that most/all of your Touch Charts examples just include a special "touch-charts-demo.css" file, and don't include the base Sencha Touch CSS file. Are the two meant to combine?

    I have an...
  12. ATI graphics cards

    FWIF it affects our machines that have ATI Radeon X1650 graphics cards.
  13. [CLOSED][3.1.1] Odd shadow on combo box's dropdown list in IE7

    We have a combo box whose store contains 376 items. When you click the combo box's down arrow, in IE 7 and only one some machines, a weird shadow appears above and to the left of the dropdown list. ...
  14. [FIXED-653] Bug in GridPanel.processEvent; this.view is null when used

    In GridPanel.processEvent() in 3.1.0 (as opposed to 3.0.3), the view's "processEvent" method is also called. The trouble is that this.view can be reset to null during the execution of the method,...
  15. TreeGrid and ExtJs version 3.0.3

    Hi MaximGB,

    In preparation to upgrading our site to ExtJs 3.0.X (X = latest), today I downloaded ExtJs 3.0.3 and the 3.0-compatible version of your excellent TreeGrid.

    I looked in TreeGrid.js...
  16. Fixed grid column doesn't appear in columns menu for showing/hideable

    This is strange code (from GridView.js):-

    beforeColMenuShow : function(){
    var cm =, colCount = cm.getColumnCount();
    for(var i =...
  17. 100% agreed. In our app we'd set that flag on...

    100% agreed. In our app we'd set that flag on each page, and leave it that way. Can't think of a possible scenario when sometimes we'd want rollover and sometimes not.
  18. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Need to be able to have strict date parsing in DateField

    Lack of strict date parsing with the DateField is biting us in 2.2.1, and we get the unwanted date "rollover" behaviour.

    I see that Date.parseDate() in 3.0 RC2 has a "strict" arg to prevent this,...
  19. Sometimes happens without forceFit

    I get this issue in 2.2.1 after editing a cell, when forceFit is true. It happens every time if forceFit is true, as is well known.

    However I would like to point out that in IE7 it can still...
  20. Force-raising the validateedit event in editor grid

    I would like to strongly endorse the feature request proposed here:-

    I have had to make willydee's change in my local, minnified copy of the ExtJs...
  21. Feature Request

    Thanks for doing that.
  22. Stopping a click on the grid's header menu's "Columns" item from closing the menu

    With the grid's columns' dropdown menu (containing items "Sort Ascending", "Sort Descending" and "Columns") we noticed a number of our users clicking on the "Columns" items (even though the extension...
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