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    Hyperlink in Grid Cell Doesn't WOrk in GXT 4

    In my GXT 2 app I embed a hyperlink in some grid cells in order to open a URL in a new browser tab in response to a cell click.

    However, following an upgrade to GXT 4.x this no longer works - I...
  2. Problems with Executive Dashboard Project in IntelliJ

    I'm trying to import the Executive Dashboard project using IntelliJ but not getting too far.

    I've downloaded the files locally and created an IntelliJ project from Maven. I'm new to Maven and am...
  3. I'm trying to work around this but it's proving...

    I'm trying to work around this but it's proving very difficult.

    It's looking like a bug in the GXT codebase to me. The funtion deferStartEditing in the class EditorSupport is always called with a...
  4. Editable Live Grid Updates Incorrect Row (GXT 2.3)

    If I page down in my live grid and update a cell with a text editor, the change doesn't display in the cell when I complete the edit.

    However, if I page up I see that the corresponding row on the...
  5. Got this working now. I had created an html...

    Got this working now.

    I had created an html div container and had hooked the map creation code to the onAfterLayout function.

    Although I was checking that the container had rendered it still...
  6. Anybody managed to use Google Maps v3 with GXT 2.x?

    I've included gwt-maps.jar version 3.8.0, added theses entries to my gwt.xml file -

    <inherits name=""/>
    <script src=""...
  7. [OPEN] HtmlEditor cannot enable edit feature using setEnable functions once disabled

    I am disabling a number of HtmlEditor features via the setEnable functions which removes the relevant button from the toolbar.

    However subsequently attempting to enable a feature does not result...
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