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    Same problem. If anybody know solution , please...

    Same problem. If anybody know solution , please reply.
  2. Combobox in IE8 not appearing correctly when disabled is set to true

    I am using ExtJs 3.4 combobox. when its config disabled is set to true, it appears as follows,

    I tracked down it upto its css.
    When line
    filter : alpha(opacity=60);
    in extAll.css is removed, it...
  3. Help!!!!

    Still no reply :s
  4. One correction

    Forgot to add panel.doLayout() in else. Please consider its there, still same result! :(
  5. Problem while getting store of item selector

    I've written a code for displaying table column names in Item selector. I can switch between different tables using combo box and respective columns should get populated in fromMultiselect(source...
  6. Thanks for reply :) Can you give me any simple...

    Thanks for reply :)

    Can you give me any simple example for this procedure,like creating grid first and then reconfiguring it?
    Reconfiguration needs to change store, columnmodel, selection model,...
  7. Problem in displaying database data into Grid using Ajax request

    I am doing an app which displays database table data into grid based on Combo box selection. So on select event of combo, I want to create a grid. Grid needs to be displayed with...
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