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  1. I figured it out now i am able to see my output...

    I figured it out now i am able to see my output in the div tag of xsl.
  2. Uncaught reference error Ext is not defined

    People i want to include a extjs project in a div tag of xsl file. I included the div container name in renderTo part of extjs and aslo included extjs app.js file and Main.js file in the script...
  3. Not able to extend Ext.grid.panel in Extjs6 either in classic or modern or universal

    Failed to resolve dependency Ext.grid.Panel for file Xmlgrid.view.main.Main [ERR]
    [ERR] com.sencha.exceptions.ExNotFound: Unknown definition for dependency :...
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    My question is inside the onPopupForm function...

    My question is inside the onPopupForm function how does the program know to include the PopupForm class defined at the starting of the program(second class from the starting of the code).
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    ExtJS 6 MVC app control flow

    In the given example below i want to know how the control shifts to PopupForm when clicked on onPopupForm function:
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