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  1. Sencha Animator product end very disappointing

    I just learned about the halt to production and development of Sencha Animator. This is quite unfortunate and will impact my company greatly as we'd trusted our flash-free future to your product...
  2. calling up an instance of audio in timeline and an audio player

    For my company, audio is a key ingredient as we move to flash-free interactives. Any chance as a new feature we'd be able to make an instance of audio that could be set in the timeline to sync with...
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    calling audio in timeline

    Hi - I've noticed in most examples very silent interactives made in Sencha Animator. Only one, KickFu, gives examples of sound effects and it's pretty complex and not compatible with all browsers. ...
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    drag and drop javascript

    Hi - I've been tasked with looking into making a basic drag and drop with Sencha Animator. Coming from a Flash artist background with intermediate depth in AS2 and 3, while I got the drag and drop...
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