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  1. Solution worked for me

    tortexy's solution worked for me. I am hoping the GXT guys will develop a suitable fix in their code. :)

    There is another defect when running GWT 2.X and Safari 4.0.4, that has similar symptoms...
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    Need LiveGrid sample using the BeanModelReader and the RpcProxy

    Ditto, I could use a sample using the BeanModelReader and the RpcProxy.
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    Oh really?

    I just located and reported a memory leak in GXT 2.0 in the GridView's refresher (GridView.refresh()). One of EXT JS's engineers confirmed the memory leak, and had a fix ready to be checked in as of...
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    Moving to GWT 1.7 and GXT 2.0

    I am hoping that moving to the newer versions (GWT 1.7 and GXT 2.0) of the 2 toolkits/frameworks will resolve some of the leaks I am seeing.

    If not, I'll develop a minimal example to try to demo...
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    Same problem, and it's severe

    I have an application that uses a content panel and 2 grid controls. The grids are refreshed every 30 seconds with new data from the server. On every grid refresh, the memory consumption increases,...
  6. works great

    Thanks Eric,

    Your solution works perfectly!
  7. Suggested Solution has problems

    I responded with my previous post too quickly. Sven's suggestion has a problem when used in a grid. More specifically, if the html for EVERY cell in the grid has a qtip attribute, then Sven's...
  8. Hi Sven, Thank you for your response, your...

    Hi Sven,

    Thank you for your response, your solution works very well, and eliminates most of the code I had to write with my "work around" solution.

    My new code looks like this (compare it to...
  9. Great, thank you for looking into it. I tried...

    Great, thank you for looking into it. I tried your suggestion on not adding the regions that I don't need, and of course it works fine.

    Thank you for the suggestion.
  10. No, I am not trying to resize the regions whose...

    No, I am not trying to resize the regions whose sizes are set to zero.

    I am using the BorderLayout to implement a split panel. The east, west, and south regions are NOT displayed, resulting in a...
  11. The problem exists for me in Firefox, Safari, and...

    The problem exists for me in Firefox, Safari, and Safari in hosted mode (I develop on a Mac).

    Notice in my sample code that the east, west, and south border layouts have a size of 0. (i.e....
  12. Correct, it works

    Hi Sven,

    Thanks for the tip.

    Prior to GXT 1.2.1, I could use the default margin size, and still get access to the splitter. As of 1.2.1, unless I supply a non-default margin size, I can't...
  13. [FIXED] [1.2.1] BorderLayout splitter is no longer functional

    Previous to GXT 1.2.1 if I called setSplit( true ) on the BorderLayoutData that is associated with a BorderLayout, I would get a functioning splitter. The mouse cursor would change shape when...
  14. [CLOSE] [1.2 Firefox] Grid Column headers, when narrow, do not diplay elipsis

    GXT 1.2
    Firefox only, works fine in Safari. Don't know about IE.

    When a column header in the Grid is too narrow to display all of the header text, the right side of the header text gets clipped,...
  15. [1.2][Bug]Tooltip near bottom of page causes repeated show/hide of tooltip

    Synopsis: tall tooltip near bottom of page flashes repeatedly as the tooltip "parent" repeatedly receives onmouseover onmouseleave events when the tooltip renders under the mouse cursor.

    I have a...
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    Displaying a tooltip in a grid cell

    You might try adapting the technique used in this forum post to display tooltips in your grid.
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    See this forum post...

    See this forum post for displaying a tooltip on a per grid cell basis. You can likely adapt the solution to a per column tooltip.
  18. Displaying a tooltip in a grid cell

    See this post for displaying a QuickTip on a per Grid cell basis.
  19. [1.2]Please change "task" member of Viewport from private to protected

    I have a need to extend the Viewport class to cause it to not take up all of the page real estate. In order to do this, I need access to the "task" member variable. Since this member is private, I...
  20. Here is some sample code for QuickTip

    After struggling with the QuickTip and ToolTip, I finally came up with this solution that works very well for displaying a tooltip with different text in each cell of the Grid. The solution creates...
  21. Thread: Grid mask

    by sbarkdull

    Problems with load mask

    I have been having problems with the load mask also. Things seemed to work fine with the grid load mask in 1.1.1. But about 1.1.2 or 1.1.3, the load mask stopped appearing. I just haven't had time to...
  22. [1.2]Need sample code for placing QuickTip in grid cell using GridCellRenderer

    I need sample code for placing a QuickTip in grid cell using GridCellRenderer.

    Based on the QuickTip java docs, it sounds like the following should work, but it doesn't.

    public class...
  23. Display Different GXT Tooltip on a per cell basis in a Grid

    I need a mechanism for displaying a tooltip when the user hovers the mouse cursor over a cell in the Grid. More specifically, I need to change the content of the tooltip depending on which cell the...
  24. [FIXED] [1.2]Interactively Resizing Grid column sometimes resizes wrong column

    Interactively resizing a column in a Grid frequently resizes the wrong column.

    I have seen this problem in hosted mode, Firefox, and Safari, all running on Mac OSX.

    I have a grid control that...
  25. [FIXED] [1.1.4]BorderLayout's splitter interfers with MessageBox's buttons

    Create a UI with a BorderLayout. Add a mechanism to popup a MessageBox.alert()

    Interact with the UI and cause a MessageBox.alert() to popup. Move the MessageBox so that the MessageBox's buttons...
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