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  1. Update: Definitely a race condition, workaround discovered.


    This is definitely a race condition as it is reproducible 100% of the time for me when clicking 'continue' immediately and yet it happens 0% of the time when waiting for at least 30...
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    Also interested in a 'treestore' config type

    I am also interested in there being a 'treestore' type.
    It seems to be quite a shame to not have this feature. At the moment I have to resort to using type 'object' which is a bit disappointing.
  3. This exact issue is also occurring for me on Windows 7 (32 bit)

    I have the same issue as reported by the other people.

    Notable Hardware:
    - Running on a hi res television, 1920 x 1080.
    - Using non-standard 'display settings' text size (medium 125%).
    - Nvidia...
  4. I too have been blocked by this issue and have...

    I too have been blocked by this issue and have been following this thread for a number of days. I eagerly await the resolution of this issue.
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