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  1. Sencha Cmd can't iterate a map of maps in an .scss file

    The proprietary app designer `Opentext Documentum xCP` calls Sencha Cmd under the hood when it builds a custom theme for a web app.
    In the theme there's a map of colors by name and each color is a...
  2. Prevent the window shadow from overflowing the container ViewSize

    Is there a mechanism to prevent the window shadow from overflowing the container ViewSize?
    Because from what I see, when you call window.maximize(), scrollbars appear.

    There's the method...
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  4. errorWrapEl not displayed with msgTarget:'side' and delayed rendering

    If I dynamically add an initially invalid text field into a hidden container and then show the container, the error icon is not displayed.
    Looks like the problem is in the function "onLabelRender"....
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    resize handles make textarea narrow

    Here's my test code that creates a resizible textarea:

    Ext.create('Ext.form.field.TextArea', {
    renderTo: document.body,
    name: 'aaa',
    fieldLabel: 'Aaa'
  6. get nearest enclosing component of a raw DOM element

    I have a reference to the DOM element that was created inside a component that is capable of rendering arbitrary HTML. How do I get the component containing this element?

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    show column hider menu elsewhere

    We're using the Grid Panel and I was asked to add quick access to the column hider menu which is normally a submenu of the grid header.
    The first thing I tried was to create a button and a new...
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    server-side serialization of BaseModelData

    I need a deep copy of List<BaseModelData> . This method is supposed to create it:

    public static <T> T cloneSerializable(T o) {
    try {
  9. grid: data/header cells width don't match in IE9 when HeaderGroupConfig is used

    Hi. After I added column grouping, the grid header cells shifted:31078
    Although the TDs have explicit width, IE doesn't honor them for some reason.
    Here's simplified example:

  10. Thanx. Solved.

    Thanx. Solved.
  11. grid: span column header over multiple columns

    I have gxt grid in my web app. I want the caption of one column header to span over multiple columns.

    |column1 |column2 |loooooooooooong text|column5 ...
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    why no cancelEdit in Editor.onBlur() ?

    I have a comboBox cell editor with some predefined values. The grid is loaded from a database and the cell's value can be just any, not only those listed in the combo box.
    The problem is: a user...
  13. need workaround for still unsupported column-count or column-width style, like layout

    Hi. I need to position form fields inside fixed-width columns. When the first column is full, they go to the next column. If the container height changes, the controls should be re-positioned. If...
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