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  1. Combobox - Show Validation Error insteadof Clearing input when forceSelection is true

    Does anyone knows Instead of Clearing user input, how to show validation error in combobox field when forceSelection is true and typeAhead is also true?
  2. Combobox - Custom vtype - Validate value not display value

    Please follow the below given fiddle, where custom vtype has been assigned to Combobox, and in this case "display value" being passed into vtype function instead of "value".

    The vtype is expecting...
  3. [INFOREQ] There are three things with this, 1. Try with...

    There are three things with this,

    1. Try with keywords with space in it. e.g. "Mount Everest", "Mount Rainier" etc. You will see error in console when adding second item and onward.

  4. [INFOREQ] Combobox Field - Add new item - Throws an error

    When adding new item in the combobox store it throws runtime error.

    "Cannot read property 'internalId' of undefined"

    Please follow the following fiddle:...
  5. Theme - How to upgrade font (FontAwesome) package with latest version

    Can you provide some guidelines how to upgrade font package (Font Awesome, Pictos or any other) in the theme package? Is it possible to use latest version of font package but keep using old version...
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    [OPEN] Having scroll bar at parent panel will scroll...

    Having scroll bar at parent panel will scroll entire field, where label of the display field not visible on scroll. Also this does not work when the actual view contains more than one display field...
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    [OPEN] Displayfield scrollbar issue

    Ext version tested:


    Browser versions tested against:

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    minText and maxText config helps in rephrasing...

    minText and maxText config helps in rephrasing the entire message along with minValue and maxValue using place holder "{0}". But here along with message text I would like the number to follow the...
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    What option do I have to target any specific...

    What option do I have to target any specific localized culture?
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    Validation error message localization

    When configuring maxValue or minValue the validation error message does not format the value following localization.

    The below code will show up error message:
    "The maximum value for this field...
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    So that conclude that Padding is behaving like...

    So that conclude that Padding is behaving like Margin, and to have real padding we should use "bodyPadding".

    So then what is the difference between padding and bodyPadding?

    I thought...
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    This is what I meant: ...

    This is what I meant:
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    Padding is behaving like Margin

    Please follow the below fiddle code where second inner panel where padding is applied. but it is behaving like margin.
  14. GridView inside TabView with RowEditing Plugin - How to force plugin construct?

    When the gridview is inside TabView with RowEditing plugin configured. The configured plugin does not get construct until tab view has been visited and so gridview. In this situation we would like to...
  15. GridView - RowEditor - syncButtonPosition - Different Code found

    In version, different method implementation found for method "syncButtonPosition" under Ext.grid.RowEditor type. Please take a look at last few lines under else if block.

  16. @hakimio, Thanks for sharing the solution, the...

    @hakimio, Thanks for sharing the solution, the solution works well when having only one before event and having async listener for it.

    In our case user's action is triggering multiple events in...
  17. Asynchronous Event Listner for any beforeXXXXX event

    ExtJS provides many before events which are cancellable if the listener returns false.

    My question here is how to write an async event listener, like on closing Window/Tab show user a confirmation...
  18. [OPEN] TagField - Editable config to false throw an error

    When setting editable config to false on "tagfield" it throws an error.

    Please follow the below fiddle:
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    Combobox - Blank Item does not show up

    When having combobox in the form where user wants to set the null or empty value, having empty string in the items list of combo. The combobox does not display this empty item.

    Please follow below...
  20. GridView - RowEditing Plugin - Button Style in Theme

    What would be ideal approach towards styling Row Editing buttons. e.g. Update and Cancel Button.

    It does not provide any CSS variables which can be used to target these buttons.
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    [OPEN] TreePanel - Top Border Issue

    In treepanel, when not having Title or having different HeaderPosition, the top border does not show up.

    The issue has been found with Triton and Neptune...
  22. [CLOSED] The solution those are provided use fixed width...

    The solution those are provided use fixed width Grid View. In the reported problem its not a fixed width GridView.
  23. [CLOSED] The limitation with using flex is all the columns...

    The limitation with using flex is all the columns total width cannot be more than available width from the GridView.
    Can this issue be fixed from the provided theme where its adding extra pixels?
  24. [CLOSED] GridView - Column Width in Percentage - Horizontal Scrollbar Issue

    When specifying grid view columns width in Percentage, and total width adds upto 100%, the horizontal scrollbar appear.

    Please refer the given Sencha fiddle here.
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    CSS Mixin for Extended Menu component provides its own CSS Mixin which helps in theming Menu component.

    Once the Menu component is extended, how to use this CSS Mixin as inherited mixin?

    The purpose over...
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