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  1. [EXTJS4 MVC] Does MVC can dynamically load controllers or models on demand?

    What I thought is: If the MVC arch needs to deal with tremendous quantity of controllers in an Ext Application, is there any way to dynamically load the controllers into Application on demand?

  2. Yes, I really added two BeanModelMarker to each...

    Yes, I really added two BeanModelMarker to each of sub-class. But I think maybe the BeanModelMarker will not auto-generate the getter for the inherited fields? Anyway, when I pointed the super class...
  3. BeanModelReader cannot handle BeanModel subtyping

    Don't know if it's my miss understanding, or really a bug. I'll first describe the issue, then give the solution of it.

    A. Issue
    I have a class named ChangeReq, implements Serializable, and with...
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    A Marquee Component Extension

    First of all, this component is a clone version of Ivan Novakov's Simple horizontal text scrolling with Ext Core 3 (marquee replacement) in GXT. Thank you Mr. Novakov.

    OK. It's a simple...
  5. Answer & Solution

    OK, after several * n times testing, the result is as follows:

    Try to add a portlet then delay for a while and then move it to a different width column to auto-size it leads to several success and...
  6. Programmatically adding portlet into Portal caused auto-size failed

    Hi all,

    I'm using com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.custom.Portal as a desktop page
    I need to programmatically add some pages into desktop page.
    I noticed that the sample portal just add portlet in...
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