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  1. Hi Maurice, Nope, I'm not able to get the...

    Hi Maurice,

    Nope, I'm not able to get the "Open Tooling" to work with my setup (Sencha workspace containing ExtJS app folder and package folder). After looking at the ext-gen and ext-build node...
  2. 'ext-gen' does not work with multi-app workspaces

    How can I make the new "Open Tooling" work with multi-app workspaces?

    Assume that I run the following commands to create a new workspace and one application in it:

    sencha generate workspace...
  3. 'npm run build-desktop-production' fails for project generated with ext-gen

    The 'ext-gen' app appears to generate applications that cannot be built in production-mode (i.e. it can only be run in dev mode with e.g. "npm start" or "npm run desktop", not with "npm run...
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    [FIXED] Typo in Ext.promise.Promise#log()


    The log-method in Ext.promise.Promise tries to access "this._owner". It should instead access "this.owner".

    Illustrated in:
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