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  1. Managed listener is not added on touch device

    When I am trying to add managed listener on dom element, it doesnt work properly - listeners count is not increased and thus handlers do not work.
    My env:
    windows 10 + touch display
  2. Scroll is changed in normal grid when layout is updated


    When normal grid is scrolled to the right most position and layout is updated, scroll will change by the size of the scrollbar. Reproducible in 6.5.3 in this fiddle:
  3. [OPEN] Possible solution: Ext.define(null, { ...

    Possible solution:

    Ext.define(null, {
    override: 'Ext.grid.selection.Rows',
    privates: {
    setRangeStart: function (start) {
  4. [OPEN] Exception from spreadsheet selection model when removing last selected record


    When I select whole last row and remove record from store selection model fires exception. Bug appeared in 6.5.2 and still present in nightlies.
    Reproducible in this fiddle:

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    Exception when filtering stateful grid

    We found an issue when using 'gridfilters' plugin in a stateful grid. Reproducible in 6.2.1 and 6.5.2 in the fiddle below.

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    [OPEN] me.remove is not a function

    There is a bug with spreadsheet model and columnSelect: true. Reproducible in 6.5.1 and 6.5.2. Please refer to this fiddle:
  7. [CLOSED] It worked fine for years (probably always?). I...

    It worked fine for years (probably always?). I agree with lack of support when behavior in emulated browser slightly differs from real browser, but broken loading is just wrong. Especially, when it...
  8. [CLOSED] ondemand loading doesn't work in emulated IE10 in 6.2.1

    I cannot load your kitchensink demo in IE11, which emulates IE10. I got blank page. It works in native IE10 though.
    I see it happens, because in 6.2.1 Ext.Boot has own browser version...
  9. Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener (Chrome)

    In the latest 6.2.1 used on windows touch device (e.g. MS Surface) I notice, that dragdrop operation are not handled properly. To reproduce this, try to reorder columns with touch on buffer...
  10. [CLOSED] As I can conclude from updateLayout docs, new...

    As I can conclude from updateLayout docs, new header height will trigger view layout also. So if we update header like that and grid is configured with variableRowHeight, I assume that will trigger...
  11. [CLOSED] Column header height is not updated correctly

    We render custom content to the grid header and expect it to fit normally. But it doesn't when we disable flag 'variableRowHeight'. As we can see, that happens because layout is not updated...
  12. In our case we render multiple DOM elements into...

    In our case we render multiple DOM elements into table cell. Items have own ids and structure, so sometimes refreshing rows corrupts cache. Like this example:...
  13. [FIXED] Hello. I sent you link to PM. Thank you.

    I sent you link to PM.
    Thank you.
  14. [FIXED] I decided to compare layout process between...

    I decided to compare layout process between working app on desktop and not working app on touch display (FF both cases). I logged layouts ids in runCycle method and noticed, that step, throwing...
  15. [FIXED] Hello. I sent you email with attachment, topic...

    I sent you email with attachment, topic "extension issues after upgrade to 4.1.2".
    Is there a way to get more detailed error description from architect?
    Thank you
  16. [FIXED] Architect extenstion doesn't work well in design view

    After recent updgrade to SA 4.1.2 we noticed, that our extension, that renders special component, is not visible in design view. There is only 1 error message in log saying: 'Framework error:...
  17. syncContent may corrupt Ext element cache

    In our app we faced issue with refreshing grid view node. We narrowed down search to one method: syncContent. Long story short, when it synchronizes content and copies id from new node to old...
  18. I'm using tablet with attached keyboard and...

    I'm using tablet with attached keyboard and touchpad. When I run this fiddle, I cannot perform any selection in locked grid.
    1) When I tap on screen, 1 cell is selected, when I tap on touchpad -...
  19. Spreadsheet selection model doesn't work in Firefox 52 with touch display

    Spreadsheet selection doesn't work with firefox on windows 10 touch device, no selection happening. To reproduce on this fiddle just try to select multiple cells. Both 6.0.2 and 6.2.1
  20. [FIXED] Hello. I just noticed this override throws...

    I just noticed this override throws exceptions in latest Firefox 52 on windows 10 with touch display. Just open the fiddle and you will see. Can you please take a look at that?
  21. [FIXED] Examples don't work in Firefox 52 + touchscreen

    I was checking kitchensink demo in firefox 52 on the windows 10 device with a touch screen (tablet), and I cannot interact with the page. Tap on screen, click on touchpad (tablet also has a...
  22. Ensure visible issue with hidden columns in locked grid

    When we hide all columns in locked grid and call 'ensureVisible' with already visible record. Reproducible with 6.2.1 and nightly, works with 6.0.2

    Can you suggest any workaround?

  23. bump

  24. Well, docs are confusing on this matter....

    Well, docs are confusing on this matter. According to them startEdit method is deprecated, and message says setActionableMode should be used insted. While using ext 6 it appeared, that...
  25. Editor is misplaced/looses focus when immediately editing added record

    We are looking into way to add new record and start editing it immediately. Approach that is currently is use doesn't work well in IE. We add record, ensure it is visible and then trigger...
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