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    Actual vs Budget bar chart


    I am using Ext 7.0.

    I want to do an actual vs budget chart. I have searched but all I can find are stacked bar charts. What I want is that the Y-Axis should be numeric ($) and the X-Axis...
  2. Architect can the confirmation dialog when deleting items be disabled?

    Hi, Whenever I delete something in the architect it asks for confirmation - I find that annoying. Can the confirmation dialog be disabled?
  3. Ext.6.7 Classic toolkit Ext.view.Table.focusRow brings containing window to front

    Hi, In Ext51 focusRow would not bring the containing window to the front. In Ext67 it does. For us this is a bug. Is there a workaround?
  4. It seems I cannot delete this posting - not sure...

    It seems I cannot delete this posting - not sure why. Please ignore it.
  5. Ext.6.7 Classic toolkit Ext.Store.loadPage(1) is bring containing window to front.

    Hi, We are upgrading from Ext 5.1 to Ext 6.7 Classic. A common pattern in our code is for each window that contains a grid to have a runFilter method. The runFilter method calls the...
  6. Hi, I need this feature too - our app is so...

    Hi, I need this feature too - our app is so large that the Architect cannot save entire project - it just hangs. This makes upgrading really really tedious as we have to load and save each screen...
  7. Architect 5 is failing when we do a save entire project.

    I suspect our application is so large that the architect cannot load it all. It works for a while and then the screen just goes black. Has anyone else had this issue and how did you work around it?...
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