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    It's there now. Wasn't about 9AM (MDT) this...

    It's there now. Wasn't about 9AM (MDT) this morning. Maybe my complaint did some good. :)
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    7.0 Released But Where?

    It would be nice, if you're going to send out a big announcement e-mail that 7.0 is now available, that somewhere in the e-mail or linked documents there's actually a link to download the 7.0 sdk or...
  3. Connected ComboBoxes in Two Grid Columns

    I have an editable grid where two of the columns are "Data Type" and "Data Format". Both are to contain comboboxes. The first box will have selectable values such as "DATE", "TIME", "NUMBER", etc....
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    npm start aborts

    Tried fixing this for a couple hours with no luck.

    MacBook-Pro-2:my-cool-ext-web-components-app xxx$ npm start

    > @sencha/ext-web-components-boilerplate@7.0.0 start...
  5. [INFOREQ] Resolved per previous comment.

    Resolved per previous comment.
  6. [INFOREQ] Thanks for the pointer as that did turn out to be...

    Thanks for the pointer as that did turn out to be the issue. This is a tree panel of groups/roles/permissions, and multiple groups could contain the same roles. So, by putting in the TreeModel...
  7. [INFOREQ] I'll check. I had been concentrating on proper...

    I'll check. I had been concentrating on proper settings of leaf, expanded, expandable. etc. But, that's a good point.
  8. [INFOREQ] TreePanel Expand/Collapse Causes ChildNode to Disappear

    Please see attached screenshots in order given. Notice on the last shot how the ViewGroup5 --> viewOnly childNode disappears after collapse expand of the previous ViewGroup4 node. I'm finding the...
  9. I ended up extending Ext.Widget and creating my...

    I ended up extending Ext.Widget and creating my own TrailingTextProgressBarWidget, which I can use in a widget column. It works great, but a little more work than I anticipated. Thanks for looking...
  10. Override RenderTpl used in ProgressbarWidget

    This should be simple, but here's what I need to do. I have a grid with a widgetcolumn, which uses the progressbarwidget. Our UX guy has the bright idea that the progress text (i.e., 20% complete)...
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    And the real answer is...

    I know this thread is old, but I'm going to post this anyway as I'm sure others will stumble upon this thread, looking for the answer.

    The answer already accepted here is not really very...
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