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    drag and drop items between two lists

    How can we implement drag and drop so that the items from one list can be dropped (ie: moved) to another list?

    I've seen this question asked in the forums as far back as 2011, and still I don't...
  2. problem recreated in Fiddle

    I've created a fiddle that seems to recreate the issue, although I had to do some things differently to make it work in Fiddle.

    Loading 'Screen 1' the...
  3. I can try...but even just the basic navigation...

    I can try...but even just the basic navigation code from the kitchen sink is many .js files, plus the additional .js files for my "screens". I'll see if I can reproduce the error with just the...
  4. can't reload pages using Kitchen Sink navigation menu

    I implemented the navigation menu from the main Kitchen Sink example ( into our Extjs app. The first time I load one of our screens...
  5. Only available from build/xxx directory

    It looks like even after doing a build, the CSS is only updated if you run the actual build in the browser (ie: [project]/build/build_name/index.html). But running the app from the root folder of...
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    horizontal gradient

    Here's the SASS for a horizontal gradient:

    .myClass {
    @include background-image(linear-gradient(left,green,red));
  7. desired styling

    By the way, my goal is to achieve the layout in Figure 1 where certain rows are visually indented under other rows and styled differently, based on the data (Figure 1). When a row has a value in...
  8. List.setData() with tpl doesn't render content

    I'm passing 5 rows of data to a List with a tpl, using List.setData(data). I see 5 empty rows in the list, but they have no content. "itemTpl" does render the right content, but I need to use "tpl"...
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    need to toggle the class based on data

    I also need to toggle a CSS class based on the data in ListItem, like this:

    updateRecord: function(record) {
    if ( {
    me.addCls('isSKU'); // no error, but nothing...
  10. StoreManager?

    That sounds like what I'm looking for, but I'm not quite sure how to implement it.

    When you say "checks the in-memory cache" are you referring to the Store Manager? If so, do I need to add a...
  11. listening for changes to models with setData()

    Environment: Touch 2.4.1, CMD

    Not receiving change listener for fields on an existing model instance when new data is applied to the model using setData().
    Not sure how to...
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    addCls() on ListItem

    I'm attempting to style a ListItem within a List control. I want each instance of the ListItem to have the CSS class 'LPNListItem'. But none of the following approaches apply the 'LPNListItem' CSS...
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